My Bucket List

Places to Visit:

– The North and South Pole
– Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States
– Central Park, New York, United States
– Prague, Czech Republic
– Athens, Greece
– Rome, Italy
– New Orleans, United States
– Anne Franks House, Amsterdam
– Notre Dame, Paris, France
– Every great wonder of the world
– Kenya, Africa
– The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, Africa
– Every Disney Land in the world
– Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland
– Pompeii
– Niagara Falls
– Old City of Jerusalem
– The Empire State Building, New York, United States
– Statue of Liberty, New York, United States
– The Smithsonian, Washington DC, United States
– Venice, Italy
– Berlin
– Germany
– Winnie the Pooh’s house
– The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Things to do:

– Para-glide
– Bungee jump
– Sky dive
– Be an extra in a film
– See a change of Guard
– Be there for the changing of Royalty
– Attend a masquerade ball
– See the Cirque De Soleil
– Become fluent in another language
– Build a snowman
– Write a book
– Sing in Times Square
– Volunteer in a third world country
– Eat escargos
– Fly in a helicopter
– Ride first class
– Go on a giant swing over a cliff
– Travel the world
– Go skiing
– Go to comic con, BEA and vidcon
– See Mardi Gras
– Become Prime Minister
– Learn knife-throwing
– Learn sign language
– Participate in a colour run
– Ride a horse
– Learn an instrument


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