TFF: Favourite Disney Songs

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Happy Friday! And I’m sorry. Its been a whole 2 months since I last made a post. I have been the busiest and the most stressed I have ever been. Things don’t seem to be slowing down either so I apologize if there is another 2 month gap after this. As we all know Friday is the best day of the week because we get a top 5 from me. Today I am doing my Top Five Favourite Disney Songs. Now, because this is the hardest thing ever, it is only for animated Disney films. To be honest a top 100 would be more appropriate right now, but anyway I’ll try my best. So lets just jump right in.

1) Let it Go – Frozen
Yes I know, you probably all hate me because everyone hates Frozen now because it was overexposed. But no, this song is amazing. Its powerful and unique and super catchy and I love it. I think it is one of the most brilliantly composed Disney songs and the message it gives to the audience is incredibly powerful. So I’m just going to Let it Go and love this song on my own.


2) Zero to Hero – Hercules
I don’t think there is a person alive who isn’t completely in love with this song. It’s sung by an amazing chorus of women and has the best melody and tonal changes of any Disney song. It also ties in with the development of Hercules and conveys a sequence of events to the audience in a unique, fun and musical way.


3) On My Way – Brother Bear
First of all, this song is a perfect representation of the overall storyline of the film. Secondly, it is a sung by Phil Collins who is a completely underrated genius. Third, the tune and the lyrics are just so catchy! This is the song you want to keep you entertained during a long car ride, it a perfect reflection of the film and is brilliantly catchy.


4) Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas
This song not only educates people about what happened in America’s history, but is an incredible blend of lyrics and symphony. The song reflects the theme of the film perfectly and the way in which is develops the idea of nature > man is brilliant. Not only does the song encapsulate the theme but its super catchy.


5) Make a Man Out of You – Mulan
Lets get down to business. This song is probably the Disney song that I know the lyrics and tonal changes to the best. The song is absolutely brilliant and when listened to while viewing the film is kinda hilarious. It conveys a powerful message of perseverance and endurance and the song is just plain amazing.


Okay, so that is all for this weeks top five Fridays. I hope I see you again soon but I seriously cannot promise anything. I miss you all and I hope you’re all having a great time whatever you’re doing.

Signing off, Verity


TFF: Anticipated book releases 2016

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Welcome to another Friday. Today, because my idea bank was completely empty, I’ve decided to countdown my Top Five anticipated book releases of 2016. I hope you enjoy, even though you probably won’t because this will be the most boring Top Five Friday to date. Oh well, let’s just jump right in.

1) On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher
This is the first fictional book written by Carrie Hope Fletcher, one of the two absolute favourite YouTubers I have. The story centres around Evie Snow, a woman of 82 who dies peacefully in her sleep. When Evie arrives at the door to her personal heaven she finds that she has become her 27 year old self again and that the door won’t open. Her soul must be light enough to pass through and she must unburden herself of 3 secrets before it’s too late. She learns more about life than she thought she could and she must also find her way back to her lost love.
I am so excited for this story. It sounds absolutely amazing in every single way possible. It sounds romantic, exciting, intriguing and like such a fun contemporary read. Super excited to pick this one up with it hits shelves July 14th.

2) The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo 1) by Rick Riordan
Okay to be real, I’m only excited for this because of the 7. I mean, isn’t it why we’re all excited really? This is another Greek mythology book from the amazing Mr Riordan but this time about Gods more than Demigods. When Apollo angers his father, Zeus, he is cast down from Olympus and made to be human. Apollo must find a way back to Olympus to win his fathers favour, but he has many enemies and can think of only one place to go: Camp Half Blood.
I am seriously sweating from excitement. This is going to be the greatest book in the history of the world probably ever! During the month it comes out anyway. I’m super excited for the sevens reunion and to see Nico and Reyna and everyone at Camp Half-Blood again. It’s going to be amazing.

3) The Last Star by Rick Yancy
This is the third and final book in the Fifth Wave trilogy (cries). I can’t really give a detailed synopsis because it’ll give too much away but I will tell you that this is an epic story of an alien invasion. Trust me, it’s awesome. I have no idea how this book will conclude, theories keep running around my mind but I can’t point to anything definitive. The puzzle pieces kept falling in the last book and I’m just waiting for it to be completed. Also waiting for Cassie and Evan to not be annoying but we can’t always get what we wish for can we.

4) Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
I don’t think there is anyone that isn’t excited for the release of this book. Not only do we get another awesome story in the world of the Shadowhunters but we also get to continue seeing the characters from the Mortal Instruments as well as Jem and Tessa. It’s been 5 years since the events of City of Heavenly Fire and Emma Blackthorn is no longer a child, but one of the best Shadowhunters alive determined to discover what murdered her parents. Making things more complicated the faeries are so desperate for their help to discover who is killing their kind that they return her Parabatai’s long lost brother, Mark. But Mark has been changed by the faerie world, will he ever return to normal?
I am so excited I might be having a heart attack. This is no joke. I might pass out from uncontrollable excitement.

5) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling (and two others whose names I don’t remember)
Do I really have to explain this one?

Alright so that is it for this week’s Top Five Friday’s post. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment your most anticipated releases below.

Signing off, Verity

TFF: Favourite Christmas Movies

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So Friday is upon us, the second to last Friday before it’s Christmas Friday! So, because I am insanely excited about Christmas, it’s time to count down my Top Five Favourite Christmas Movies for this weeks’ Top Five Fridays. Alright, lets get started.

1) Father Christmas
This is technically an animated short, approximating about 23 minutes, but it’s about Christmas and it comes on it’s own DVD so it totally counts. This is my all time favourite Christmas film, it’s funny, it’s adorable and it shows Father Christmas in the in-between Christmas stage, a unique way to do a Christmas film.

2) Nativity!
Nativity! is a family music filled film that is so much fun to watch. The story centres around Paul Maddens (played by Martin Freeman) who must find a way to bring Hollywood to his classes nativity play. The acting from the adults is amazing and the children in the film give a realistic and moving performance. The songs are original and so much to sing. This is a film that can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

3) The Nightmare before Christmas
A film that is equal parts Halloween and Christmas will always be amazing. Jack Skellington, Halloween Towns’ Pumpkin King, discovers Christmas and decides to try something new for a change.  This film is fun and festive and has amazing songs! The characters are all unique and the stop motion animation is really fun to watch. The moral of the story though is particularly hard to decipher.

4) Elf
A Christmas Classic (in my house it is anyway), a fun and magic filled film about the spirit of Christmas.Elf is both festive and hilarious, with it’s comedy as refreshing at it appeared the last time you saw it. As well as being funnily festive, it holds a great message: family is the most important thing of all.

5) Scrooge
An old Christmas classic, Scrooge is musically fun and brings the classic Dickens tale to life! The characters, while based off of those in a book, feel entirely original due to the brilliant acting. Scrooge’s transformation is subtle, almost imperceptible to the audience. This is a Christmas film I think everyone should take the time to see.

Alright so that is it for my Top Five Favourite Christmas Films. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment your favourite films in the comments below.

Signing off, Verity

TFF: Saddest Disney Moments

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So once again another Friday! Today I decided to end the week on a sad note, because that’s always delightful. And to make it even sadder, it’s Disney! So get those tissues ready to relieve some tearful moments. And yes, there will be spoilers so I’ll only be putting the names of the films as the titles of the list so you can skip it if you don’t want to be spoiled. This is in no particular order because they are all as sad as each other.

1) Lilo and Stitch
Lilo and Stitch for the most part is a heart-warming movies about acceptance but there is one scene that makes me tear up! When Stitch find the Ugly Duckling book and leaves Lilo, calling out that he’s “lost”. It’s so emotional as a scene because I think everyone at some point in their lives has felt like they’re unloved and don’t belong.

2) Brother Bear
Brother Bear is a film that is sad from beginning to end but two scenes stand out the most to me. The first, when Kenai is telling Koda what he did and the second when Koda sees his mother’s spirit. They are really emotional scenes, particularly because they involve family and as a person whose family is very important to me, I cannot imagine going through those situations.

3) Toy Story 3
This was always going to be a sad film, with Andy grown up and no longer into toys like he once was. The saddest scene in the film was the at the end when Andy made the decision to give his toys, including Woody, to another little girl. Then Woody looks into the distance as he goes and says his final goodbyes. Cue the tears.

4) Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc. is a beautiful Disney film with a sad middle and a good ending. The most heart-wrenching scene, however, has to be when Sully has to say goodbye to Boo and she opens her wardrobe expecting him to be there. A heart-breaking moment because everyone can relate to losing someone they love.

5) Up
Everyone who has ever seen this movie knows what scene I’m talking about. The Ellie and Carl montage at the beginning of the film. You know, the montage that develops a relationship perfectly in about 5 minutes? The montage that makes you want that kind of relationship and makes you sad for every person who has ever lost anyone they love. Yeah, that one.

I hope you enjoyed my top five saddest Disney moments (and didn’t use too many tissues). Feel free to comment your saddest moments down below and I’ll see you next Friday.

Signing off, Verity



TFF: Favourite movies 2015

Hi there,
So another Friday has rolled around and you all know what that means! It’s just the best day of the week of course, who doesn’t eagerly await another Top Five Friday’s!? Anyway, this weeks topic is my favourite movies of 2015 so far. More are being released towards the closing months of this year (including Mockingjay Part 2 which I’ve yet to see) but because I couldn’t think of anything else, this is what you’ve got. These are in no particularly order because that is seriously way too hard. Just a warning there will be spoilers. Alright let’s just jump right in.

1) Jurassic World
Okay, I was seriously so excited for this film for a long time. And it seriously did not disappoint me. I mean Chris Pratt and dinosaurs for 2 hours, what’s not to love! It was a brilliantly crafted film that didn’t heavily lean on it’s special effects (which were awesome by the way). The one part of this movie I did not like was the ending. And not the T-Rex vs evil dinosaurs part but it was the water dinosaur magically popping out of the water and eating the evil weird mutated dinosaur that was just a little hard to believe. It was still a brilliant film though and I would rate it 5 stars.

2) Inside Out
This was one of the most emotional Disney films I think I’ve ever seen. It was so beautiful and funny and creative and everyone will enjoy it. It also gave an insight, I think, into what it feels like to have a mental illness, the emptiness that you can feel and that absence of joy. I think everyone can feel a real connection to Joy when she’s crying over the faded memories and how she just wanted her to be happy, because we all love people that we just want to be happy. It was a really creative, brilliant film.

3) The Martian
This is one of the more recent releases and it was spectacular. I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t so sure how entertaining it would be to watch someone alone on Mars, but it was so well constructed that I couldn’t help but love it. The supporting characters I would’ve liked to have had a bigger role but the entire film played out brilliantly. Mark Watney was a really interesting character and he made living on Mars, not only frustrating but funny. At times it felt like you were there, on Mars, with no way off. I think the greatest moment was the ending. I was so completely stressed at that point in the film but it was excellently done and I have absolutely no complaints about it. The patriotism felt like a bit much at the beginning of the film but it became to be one of the films most redeeming qualities.

4) Age of Ultron
This is the second film in the Avengers series and I loved it. I fell in love with that characters all over again and even fell in love with the new characters that were introduced. I loved the twins, despite my hesitations about them at the start, but I was really annoyed at the prevalence that the Nat/Bruce relationship took over more important, necessary elements of the film. It was a well-constructed film and I very much enjoyed it.

5) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
I wasn’t sure how well this book would be translated to film but it was done very well. I didn’t realize how visual everything was until I watched the film and saw all the movies they made, an element that I think made it stronger as a film. The thing I love about this story is the absolute lack of romantic intentions between the Greg and Rachel. It made the story more believable and focused more on the effect of death on friends which I liked. The ending in this film was both beautiful and sad and is one of the top reasons it made my list.

Alright so that is it for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite movie of 2015. feel free to leave your favourite movies of this year down in the comments below.

Signing off, Verity


TFF: Favourite Harry Potter moments

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So it’s been a while . . . sorry about that but this week has been so hectic! Anyway, another Friday has rolled around so it’s time for Top Five Friday’s. This weeks topic is really hard; my favourite Harry Potter moments. Because it is so darn difficult the five moments will be in no particular order, they are just the five I love the most. Alright lets get started.

1) Tom Riddle’s death
I’m not talking the movie death here, I’m talking the book death. It was so simple and so quick and it was a plainly human death. It brought that slice of humanity back to Tom Riddle and gave him the death he most deserved; a death that made him normal. It was the finality of the moment that made me realize the books were ending, that I was drawing close to the end. It was a simple and yet strangely heartbreaking moment that I will never forget reading.

2) Mirror of Erised (first meeting)
Harry finding the Mirror of Erised was such a beautiful moment and was great foreshadowing for character development to come. Harry longed for the family he never got, and that longing was part of what fueled him to keep going, to win the war. Harry is one of the bravest characters but I think some small part of him broke when he realized that Mirror showed him something that could never be reached. It was a truly beautiful scene and I loved both reading and watching it.

3) Neville’s speech
Neville’s speech was, for a lot of people, what proved his braveness. Neville is one of the most courageous characters in the series, he faced his worse fear every day, and I loved that this was how he decided to show the world. He developed so much as a character in the Deathly Hallows and this entire scene, not just the speech but the hat and sword, made me love Neville even more. What he went through because of his bravery was horrific, but the fact that he continued after that, is what makes Neville so special.

4) Hermione and Ron kiss
Once again I’m talking about the book, not the movie. Firstly the scene showed how much Ron had developed as a character, his truly caring nature becoming more apparent. Secondly it was a beautifully crafted scene, with romance and comedy making an appearance. I waited seven long books for that kiss and boy was I glad of the wait. It was really simple, but really nice, a perfect encompass of their two characters.

5) Harry conjures a Patronus
In the moment when Harry and Sirius were facing the dementors a mysterious person fired a patronus, a person that was later revealed to be Harry. He had believed it was his father but then realizing he wasn’t coming, Harry conjured the patronus himself. This scene was a true show of Harry’s character, of his take charge attitude. I also think it was a turning point (a rather dark one) for Harry as it was the moment he realized no one was coming to save him, he was going to have to do that himself. It was a beautiful and heartbreaking scene and it will always rank high on my list.

Alright so that is it for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite Harry Potter moments. Feel free to share your favourite moments in the comments down below.

Signing off, Verity


Harry rides Buckbeak

TFF: Favourite Back to the Future moments

Hi there,
This week I think I have the most exciting Top Five Friday yet! This past Wednesday, the 21st of October 2015, was the day that Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown traveled to in the Delorean in Back to the Future II. So for this weeks most marvelous Friday I have decided to list my five favourite Back to the Future moments, from the entire trilogy. I hope you enjoy.

1) Marty Mcfly playing Johnny B. Good (Back to the Future)
This is the scene I remember loving the most when I was younger. I loved Michael J. Fox and he was such a good singer and looked so good playing that guitar. I feel like it was a turning point for his character as well, all the time he had been in the past he’d been stressed and fearful but after realizing he was going to be born he released all his tensions into this song.It was a celebration of life and hope and was a phenomenal moment in the film that I think everyone remembers. It was also pretty hilarious.

johnny b goode

2) Marty receiving the letter from the past (Back to the Future II)
At the conclusion to the sequel of Back to the Future it is revealed that when Marty was sent back to 1985 Doc was sent to 1885, due to an overload of gigawatts. Doc wrote a letter in 1885 to be given to Marty in the time period he arrived in. It was a fantastic moment in the film for the audience to realize that Doc was to be saved, that he has simply been living as a blacksmith in the past. It was a fabulously acted scene, and the lighting gave great shadowing for Marty’s inner feelings.


3) Marty meeting his dad in the past (Back to the Future)
Marty meeting his dad in the past was one of the best shots in cinematic history (in my opinion). The similarities created were incredible and Michael J. Fox’s acting was amazing. I don’t know why this scene resounds with me to such a degree but I just find it an incredibly well performed scene and it really struck a chord with me as a child, and even now.

marty meeting dad

4) George Mcfly punches Biff (Back to the Future)
I feel like this was an incredibly iconic moment for the movie, it was the moment the audience finally rose from their seats and cheered for George for his courage. Standing up to someone like Biff was an amazing thing to do and it was ultimately George’s love for Lorraine that made him do it. George played out as a weak character until that very moment, and I think that moment alone is what made a lot of people fall in love with him.

george punch

5) Marty riding to “Power of Love” (Back to the Future)
In the beginning of the movie Marty is skateboarding to school (after being late) and decides to latch onto the backs of cars to get there faster. The track that played during this moment made it that much more profound. It was a fabulous song and I think it was great foreshadowing both for Marty’s character and for the plot itself. It also was a great indication of Marty’s character; he was kind of lazy (I mean he never gets out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to skateboard normally to school), but also thought outside the box to come up with a fast and effective solution to problems.


Alright so they are my five favourite moments from the Back to the Future trilogy. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to share your favourite moments with me in the comments.

Signing off, Verity


TFF: Favourite characters that aren’t American

Hi there,
So after a rough week another Friday has finally rolled around. Hurray! So it’s time for another Top Five Friday’s and this weeks topic is “favourite characters that aren’t American”. Most books these days lack ethnic diversity, with the the largest populace of characters being American. So today I decided to share with you the top five characters that avoid this category, they can live in America but their heritage is a different culture. Alright lets get started.

1) Jamie Fraser: Scottish
Jamie Fraser is the main romantic interest in the incredible novel Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon. He was born and raised in Scotland and is, honestly, the love of my life. He tops the cake for this category (and probably every other) and his Scottish heritage makes him all the more interesting. That Scottish accent (in my mind) sure is delightful.

2) Karou: Czechoslovak
Karou is the protagonist of Laini Taylor’s amazing Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. She was “born” I guess you could say in the Czech Republic and made her home in Prague, the capital of the city. Karou is an incredible character and being set in Prague was interesting and beautiful and I felt it added to the enjoyment of the book and the character.

3) Etienne St Claire: French
Etienne is half French, half American but kinda English at the same time but it’s really hard to find characters okay! And I love him. So anyway Etienne is the amazing male character in Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss. His English accent and French romantics make him the most amazing character. He was a really unique character, largely in part to his strange mix of cultures.

4) Cinder: Asian
Cinder is one of the protagonists in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles and is a really cool character. The city of New Beijing serves as the backdrop for many of the scenes in the novels, particularly the first book Cinder. Cinder’s Asian ethnicity isn’t that strongly evident, the only clue is where she lives, but I think that that makes it all the better. Cultures aren’t a strong theme in the books because no one cares and I really liked that.

5) Kishan: Indian
Kishan is one of the main protagonists in the Tigers Curse series by Colleen Houck. Kishan is amazing and sweet and really attractive and funny and attractive and nice and attractive . . . and attractive. He really is the full package and his learning about his culture was really interesting and fully educational. I learned a lot about Indian cultures and history through these novels and I had a really good time with it.

Alright so that is all for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite characters that aren’t American. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave tell me your favourites in the comments (not that you ever do).

Signing off, Verity

TFF: favourite book covers

Hi there,
So another Friday has rolled around so it is time for Top Five Friday’s. Today will be my top five favourite book covers, and I have to tell you this is going to be t10212034ough. Alright so lets just jump right into it I suppose.

1) Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
This book cover is absolutely stunning. The crown. The blood. The title. The caption. The colour scheme is amazing, the red on top of the silver with the contrasting people groups. It is a work of art.


2) End of Days by Susan EeThis entire cover is incredible. The beautiful wings being shattered and the feathers flying is such good foreshadowing for the plot of the novel. The gold is such a rich colour, a lot stronger than the colours of the previous books.


3) The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy
The Fifth Wave is a stunning book with a stunning cover to complement. The light fro
m the sun looks like fire coming through the trees. It is so simply and yet draws so much attention. I love long shots and this one works beautifuchampionlly.

4) Champion by Marie Lu
Champion is the third and final book in the Legend trilogy and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. The burning rose makes for a really attractive cover and the colours complement each other perfectly. I don’t remember if it has much to do with the plot but it is beautiful.
the sun

5) I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson
I’ll Give you the Sun is one of the most beautiful and emotional books I have ever read. It moved me so much and this cover complements every element in such an odd way. The array of colours in the sun illustrate all the different themes and emotions seen in novel.

Honorable Mentions
I had two more books I wanted to include in this so I thought I’d include them in an “honorable mentions” section. The Anna series counts as one . . .

anna allegiant

Okay so that is it for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite book covers. Feel free to comment down below your favourite book covers and I shall see you next Friday.

Signing off, Verity

TFF: Favourite fictional couples

Hi there,
So . . . I may have missed Friday. But I figure that somewhere in the world it must be Friday so it still counts! Anyway, today will be my top five favourite fictional couples. This is going to be hard.

1) Anna/Etienne – Anna and the French Kiss
This book was amazingly adorable in every way, mainly because of the presence of Anna and Etienne. They are the cutest couple to ever exist and I just fell in love with the relationship they have. Everyone who has read this book will know exactly what I’m talking about. Their dynamic is really interesting and the caring way with which they interact is something YA novels tend to leave out to make room for corny one-liners. Their relationship is amazing to read about; they top the cake for fictional couples.

2) Percabeth – Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Percy and Annabeth are that one couple that really subtly hints at the love they share for each other. There are some grander gestures that you see (end of Mark of Athena) but primarily it is simply, beautiful things that show how much they care. Their relationship has been built over years, something I love as it contradicts that five minutes of falling in love it seems to take for a lot of other YA couples. Their foundation is so strong and their support for one other is really sweet.

3) Karou/Akiva – Daughter of Smoke and Bone
This series, as you have to know by now, is one of my all time favourites, partly due to the relationship formed between Karou and Akiva. Their relationship was messy and felt incredibly real. They had to build up trust over time and managed to forgive a great deal. Their relationship was rocky at best but their solid love meant that they continued to be together. Also they are just a really adorable couple.

4) Romione – Harry Potter
Romione was the first ship to ever sail in my sea. The love I have for these individual characters carried over to the coupling that I couldn’t help but love. They faced a lot of difficulties in building something solid, making an amazing read and an incredible feeling when finally, finally they were together.

5) Wessa – The Infernal Devices
Will and Tessa are an extraordinary couple but the issues that they faced where heartbreaking to read about, making their relationship a lot less enjoyable. In the end however they reigned supreme and their love and respect for one another was evident in their every move. They are the power couple of all powerful couples.

Alright so that is it for this weeks Top Five Fridays, feel free to comment your favourite couples down below and I shall see you next Friday.

Signing off, Verity