Mockingjay movie review

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I just got back from the cinemas where I saw Mockingjay part 1. It was so good! A lot better than the first part of the book because that was quite slow. This booktalk isn’t going to have a non-spoiler section because there isn’t any point. If you haven’t seen the others you should just leave now. Bye.

Okay so I actually had some pretty big doubts about Mockingjay. The first half of the book wasn’t fantastic, it was actually really slow. I was just blown away by the film from the very first scene. It was so simple opening on Katniss reciting what had happened to her. It really showed the audience the amount of damage the games had done and what Peeta being taken had produced. It was a gorgeously done scene and then we got to see Finnick for the first time and see him, no longer happy, but completely insane. Driven mad by losing Annie after he was so sure he would get to see her again.
Visiting twelve was the first indication we were given of the destruction the capital had done. It was so sad to see it all destroyed and then to see the land just filled with bodies. I cried at that part because mass killings are just so upsetting. Especially because it was Katniss’ home. I was a bit confused though because she stepped on a skull but the killing had happened only maybe a month or two before so the bodies would still be fresh, they would have skin and hair etc. It was really funny when Katniss took Buttercup but it was really scary when she found the white rose left by President Snow.
The next note-worthy scene was when she saw Peeta on the television in the cafeteria (literally the only way I can think to describe it). It was so painful to see him so upset and to see the people booing him and to see Katniss so scared and hurt for him. The viewings of Peeta only got worse as he began to look more beat-up and sick. He was too thin and too ill and it scared the life out of me (despite having read the book).
When Katniss demanded his, Annie’s and Johanna’s saving with full immunity I was so thankful. I thought they would kill Peeta for saying what he did, or at the very least leave him there and not bother saving him. It was such a powerful scene for Katniss and you really got a proper look at how much Peeta means to her.
Effie was introduced and I was so happy although she wasn’t supposed to be released until later. Seeing her was quite heart breaking because she usually looks so glamarous and is quite a happy person, but she just looked so sad. She became Katniss’ escort and that was so nice. The outfit Cinna made for Katniss to be the Mockingjay was just gorgeous. She looked so strong and proud in it, like the Katniss that she was.
The attempted propoganda video was so funny. Katniss seemed so stiff and fake and when the background was put there it just looked ridiculous. But then of course that inspired them to create some real footage which was just amazing.
They visited 8 and it was so terrifying to see all those people injured. They believed in Katniss so much and they all paid for it terribly. Katniss’ first real fighting was in that scene and even then it wasn’t much. She shot down the planes but it was too late. They all burned in an explosion and all were killed. Katniss’ grief was felt so strongly because of Jennifer’s incredible acting skills. Her speech was so inspiring and really warmed my heart. The powerful way she spoke and the intense words she used all assisted in making her speech so memorable.
Visiting 12 again was so heart breaking with Gale talking about what exactly happened. The Hanging Tree song was gorgeous, Jennifer sung it so well. Then that propaganda video was made and it was beautiful. I cried so much when the revolution in 5 happened and they all marched singing “The Hanging Tree”. Seeing people come together, with so much hope invested in one person, really makes me happy and sad, thus creating tears.
The tears did not stop later because Peeta heard her voice. Her heard her and he looked so afraid and so confusing and so full of love. He just wanted to be near her and see her so much. It was so sad to see him even more ill and then be dragged away when he gave the warning about the bombing coming to 13. The bombing was quite an intense scene but it made it quite lighter when Katniss was playing with that cat. That is, until she had a revelation about what was happening with Peeta and the other tributes; that they were there to toy with their emotions.
The attempted rescue and Finnick’s propaganda overlapped. I was too focussed on Finnick’s propaganda to pay much attention to the rescue. They were finally explaining what went on with Finnick and how the capital sold and brought his body after the games. The secrets revealed were interesting to know and added more to the storyline. Finnick’s story is really the one I wanted more on and I was so happy when it was included in the film.
The rescue went well, despite the systems being back up and then there was the meetings. Johanna looked so ill and it was just heartbreaking. She had been broken by the Capital and it was horrible. Finnick seeing Annie again made me cry so much, it was so heart warming and to see him with the woman he loved so much was too much. The Katniss saw Peeta. He looked horrible and then lunging at her throat like that. It was too horrible to believe.
The last scene was the most horrific at all with Peeta. He was thrashing and writhing wanting to be free and it was just heart breaking to watch. I couldn’t stand the fact that that sweet boy we all know and love was turned into a monster who had been strapped down like that.

Mockingjay part 1 was a really amazing film; I loved it so much. It was done really well and loved everything about it, from start to finish. I cannot wait for Mockingjay part 2.

Signing off, Charlie.


The Fault in Our Stars movie review

tumblr_mydouiYnl31sfevmio2_500Hi there,
So yesterday I went to see the incredible movie of The Fault in Our Stars, or TFIOS for short. It really was amazing and being a fan of the book I  had very high expectations. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me fall in love with the characters all over again. So like the Divergent movie review this is going to split into two sections: non-spoilers and spoilers. Okay, so lets go.

Okay so TFIOS is about a 16 year old girl called Hazel Grace Lancaster who suffers from terminal cancer. In a support group meeting she meets 18 year old Augustus Waters who has been in remission for about two years. It follows their journey as they fall in love, slowly and then all at once. I absolutely loved the film. It matched all my expectations from the book and although they cut out some parts it was for a good reason. It really was an incredible film and although it ripped out my heart and destroyed everyone of my feels I really enjoyed it.

Okay so I’m going to start this off by telling you the parts of the book they missed out in the movie so that you’re prepared to not see them in the book talk. They missed out when Hazel goes to the mall and that little girl tries on her cannula. It was in that scene that John Green was going to make his cameo but they cut it out so. They also missed out Hazel’s friend, Augustus family (minus parents) and the selling of the lonely slightly paedophilic swing set. Alright that’s all they missed.
Okay so The Fault in Our Stars movie began with Hazel lying on the ground without her cannula talking about how their story was suppose to be. It flashes through scenes of the movie with Hazel and Gus cancer free and to be honest I was already crying at this part. Then we start the real story. I loved the opening I thought it was so good how it gave you a different view of their lives, of how they were supposed to pan out if the cancer hadn’t consumed them. Then it opens on a support group meeting. I loved the way Hazel zipped through Patrick’s story of how his ball-less-ness and we got the first glimpse of Isaac. In the book he is suppose to be blonde but I never imagined him that way so Nat Wolff for me was the absolute perfect Isaac. Hazel’s voice overs were so great. She added a lot of funny moments to the film which uplifted it a bit from it’s depressive state.
After the support group meeting we cut to a scene at Hazel’s house with her complaining about having to go to support group meetings. Hazel’s parents were really funny and the conversation about the fake ID made me smile. At the end of that scene though Hazel punches herself in the stomach and I have no idea why. It was odd but oh well. Hazel does go to support group which turns out great for her because that is where she (and we) meet Augustus Waters. There meeting scene was so adorable I could barely contain myself. When Augustus walked into the door I think I actually might have died from feels-splosion. Anyway we then see the part with Hazel and Augustus’ staring contest which was adorable as always. Augustus then stands up and does his speech about being part cyborg now and being there for his friend Isaac. I loved the scene after support group when Augustus took out his cigarettes and explained the metaphor behind it. I always thought it was a really awesome metaphor and he explained it really well. I laughed when we saw Isaac touching Monica’s boobs and Hazel goes “oh I’d hate to be that boob”. Shailene Woodley really had Hazel’s spunk. She played her perfectly. I loved hearing Hazel’s cancer story in the car on the way to Augustus’ house but it made me tear up a little because her story actually has happened to people in the past, to children too. I loved the little montage of Hazel waiting for the phone to ring after she leaves Augustus’ house and starts to read Counter-insurgence. It was so cute to see this side of Hazel, the side that we don’t get to see that often. Then when he finally does call Hazel goes round to his house and Isaac is there crying because Monica broke up with him (which I thought was a really cruel move by the way). I loved it when he started to throw the trophies around and it was so cute when he checked with Augustus before breaking another one.
It was so adorable when Augustus read the email from Peter Van Houten to Hazel and she got so excited. It was even more adorable when Hazel was telling Augustus that she spent her wish on Disney World. That part in the book was via text but it was awesome all the same. I loved how in the film when they were texting each other they had a little bubble on the side of the screen that had the message in it. Similarly with emails they had the email appear.
In the next scene Augustus is waiting for Hazel at her door step and it was so amazing that I think I died once again from feels-splosion. He took her to the park to see the funny bones sculpture and it was flat on the floor whereas I imagined it towering in the sky. When he told her about using his wish I felt all of Hazel’s excitement and love towards Augustus.
But then. Hazel got sick. Really sick. Fluid filled her lungs again and I felt the sheer panic her parents were feeling. Then Augustus came to see her. When his shoulders sagged I was reminded of Sully when he said goodbye to Boo in Monsters Inc. He looked so sad; so helpless. That side of Augustus is a side we don’t get to see very often which made it all the more heart-breaking. Hazel is told she is no longer allowed to go to Amsterdam with Augustus and ignores him for days on end.
BUT THEN! She gets an email about them going and asks her Mum about it. And it turns out….. She is going! The look of joy on her face was so lovely.

Then came the Amsterdam trip. Augustus was so adorable when he was flying for the first time. He looked so worried at first but then when they were in the air felt the marvel of being up so high. The trip started out really amazingly with Hazel and Augustus going to dinner in TFIOS blue and tasting the stars. When Augustus told Hazel he loved her in the film it was in the restaurant whereas in the book it was on the plane on the way to Amsterdam. I loved it in both the book and the film. The way he said it and the way he looks at her was so beautiful it broke my heart.
Then they started the second day of the trip where they went to see Peter Van Houten. Willem Dafoe portrayed Peter Van Houten and he honestly was the perfect choice. He had the right amount of arrogance to let us feel the right amount of hate. In the book it’s Augustus that stands up to Van Houten but in the movie it’s Hazel. I think I liked it better when Augustus stood up to him but it did make Hazel’s character that much more lovable. Then Lidewij took them to the Anne Frank house. Last term I read the Diary of Anne Frank and learned quite a bit about her. It was pretty surreal to see her house even through the eyes of someone else. The kiss in the Anne Frank house was so amazing and cute and lovely all at the same time. Then they went back to the hotel and you know…
Then came the third day. The dreaded third day. The day when Augustus would ask Hazel’s Mum for some time alone and take her for a walk. The day when he would sit her down on the bench and tell her that he went for a scan. The day when he would tell her he lit up like a Christmas tree. The day that broke our hearts. It was in this scene that I began physically sobbing. It broke my heart to see them both crying and knowing that this was when I would say goodbye to Augustus Waters again. The dreaded third day.
From here on out the film was pretty blurry because of all my tears. I loved the scene when they go to egg Monica’s car because it really brought some of that original happiness into the film and that spark in Augustus that I love.
Then Augustus went out to buy cigarettes from a gas station and his G-tube got infected. That scene made me bawl like a baby because seeing Augustus like that was such a shock and such a difference from his usual happy demeanour.
Then when he was out of hospital Hazel took his to see funny bones in his wheelchair and took a picnic and they talked about death and about how it doesn’t matter that not everyone knew him because Hazel knew him and that should be enough. And that moment. That single moment made me believe that too. That not everyone has to know who you are and think that you’re special as long as that one person you think is special thinks the same of you.
Then it was time. Time for Augustus’ pre-funeral. Isaac’s speech is the one that made me the saddest, the one that made me start to sob again. It was the fact that he would rather be blind than see in a world without Augustus Waters.
Augustus Waters died 8 days after his pre-funeral. When Hazel found and started to cry I could feel all the pain she was feeling. Her pain mingled with mine only made me cry harder. I could barely breathe, I could barely see. Augustus real funeral wasn’t anywhere near as great as his pre-funeral. Hazel read a speech but she read a different speech. And I liked that. Because the one she read to Augustus was for Augustus. The one she read at the funeral was for everyone else. Peter Van Houten came and gave her the email Augustus had written him but she didn’t know it was from him yet. I felt really sorry for Peter Van Houten even though he was cruel to Hazel and Augustus when they visited him.
Then when Hazel talked to Isaac she found out about the letter. And she began to read. As she did it went through a little montage of clips and this just made me cry even more. Then for the last defining moment of the film Hazel went to lay down on the grass as the last part of the letter was read. In the book the last line was “I do, Augustus. I do” but in the film Augustus finished his letter with “Okay Hazel Grace?” and she said “Okay”. Before closing her eyes and ending the film. I loved the ending even though I was crying so much I couldn’t see. It was so beautifully sad.
I loved the whole film, it was perfect from start to finish. And even though it made me cry (to be honest I’m crying now) I am so glad I got to see it. I’ll probably never want to watch it again but I loved it.

Okay well that’s all for today. Okay?
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Divergent movie review

Hi there,
So my movie review that I filmed is being persistent in not uploading so I thought I’m going to just write to you what I said on it. I’ve split the review into non-spoilers and spoilers so don’t see the spoilers if you haven’t seen this incredible movie yet. In the spoiler section I will be making reference to the changes in the book so just be aware of that. So here’s my review on the amazing movie of Divergent.

I’ve seen Divergent twice now and both times I was amazed at just how amazing it was. I felt like I was right there next to Tris as she went along her journey. The scenes were done so well and the cast was amazing. Theo James, the actor who plays Four, is English which I didn’t know. He did an excellent job of putting on an English accent. Shailene Woodley was the perfect Tris. She just was Tris. She could evoke emotions so quickly. You could tell what she was feeling just by looking at her face. The movie gave me such as rush and made me want to live in their world. After it was done I ran to McDonalds with my friends and as we crossed the road I yelled out “Dauntless baby”! It just made me want to do what the Dauntless did, to live as they live. It truly was an incredible movie and if it doesn’t win an award I’m going to be very mad! If you haven’t seen the movie yet turn away because spoilers are coming up.

The film opens up with a sky view of the crumbling city. In the corner on the ground they had written Chicago which spoiled Allegiant a bit because you weren’t supposed to know that it was Chicago. Then we have a monologue from Tris which was really good and she explained the faction system. It went through each faction and showed their symbol in such a creative way! For Erudite it was zoomed into a persons eye, for Amity it showed a tree and for Abnegation they showed the people holding hands. I loved that they showed the faction symbols in such a creative way instead of just having them on the screen.
Then we see Tris as a little Abnegation girl running with the Dauntless. Because she wanted to be a Dauntless. Then it cut to her sitting in a chair as her mother cut her hair (that rhymed). She was looking in the mirror and her mother was asking her if she was nervous. I loved this scene because it gave us the first look as how Edith Prior was and how much she loved her daughter and wanted her to feel safe.
The next scene was the aptitude test scene. This was one of my favourite scenes in the book and the movie did it quite well. The aptitude test was shorter than it was the book but it was done well. This scene was were we first meet Tori. I love Tori in the book but her character wasn’t shown much in the movie which really irritated me. Tris drank the serum and was in the same room but there were all these mirrors. We then see another Tris come up to her and say “choose” and then signal to the bowls. In the book it’s just a voice but I liked that it was Tris is the movie because it was one mirrored reflection of herself that was saying that. Then Tris, obviously, defied the command and had nothing the fight the dog with. In the book she gets down on all fours and tames it but in the movie she gets down and it turns into a puppy. I actually liked that it turned into a puppy because it showed her Divergence more. It showed that she could change things with her mind that she wasn’t supposed to. She then sees her younger self and the dog changes back and chases it. Tris runs and jumps on the dog and then comes back to reality, where Tori tells her she’s Divergent and sends her home. Tris seemed very annoyed in the movie that the test didn’t tell her what to do which surprised me because if it was me I would be more surprised to find out I was something called a Divergent.
After the test we see their home in the Abnegation compound. The houses were a lot plainer than I imagined. They were just plain square grey houses whereas I imagined them as normal houses filled with things. My imagination was obviously wrong in this instants. Anyway, we see Tris living unhappily in her plain life and get the first feel for what it’s like to be an Abnegation.
Then  it comes to the choosing ceremony. In the choosing ceremony we meet Jeanine Matthews. Kate Winslet portrayed Jeanine and she was perfect for the role. She executed the perfect amounts of evil but at the same time kindness to make you feel conflicted about her character. They went through the list and Caleb was up and he chose Erudite and even though I’d read the book I still felt the sharp stinging pain that he was abandoning his family. Then Tris was up. She wavered for a minute between the bowls and then picked Dauntless. When the choosing ceremony was over and all the Dauntless ran out of the building. Tris ran with them and we could see that she belonged there. She was smiling and looked so happy and free as she ran along beside them. Then they all stop and start to climb poles up to the train tracks and Tris just stands there for a moment. I was sitting in my seat thinking “come on Tris, you don’t want to get left behind.” She didn’t get left behind, of course, and she ran alongside the train and jumped into it like everyone else. Then we meet Christina. Zoe Kravitz was Christina and she was perfect. They had to jump of the train and they were like “together” and I just died from all the feels.
Then it comes time to enter the compound. Their all standing around and Eric goes “whose gonna jump first” and I was like “Tris! Tris is gonna be first”. She jumped and then we meet Four *sigh full of longing*. The way they met wasn’t as weird as it looked in the trailer. He asks her name and she stalls for a second so he says “is it a hard one?” That line made me laugh so inappropriately. It wasn’t even that funny. Then she says her names Tris and we cut to when everyone has jumped. Dauntless born go with Lauren (I think) and transfers stay with Four. He shows the compound and we get our first look at Dauntless life. He shows them where they will live and if it was me I would feel so uncomfortable. The dorms are unisex and the toilets and showers are all open.
Then we had the training. After the initial training we had a monologue type thing of Tris training alone and getting better. So we had her running and fighting and shooting the guns. We also saw her throwing the knives and I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have the scene where she just practices first she was just immediately good at it. That scene was amazing though and it included the knife throwing scene with Four which is one of my favourite scenes. Al was standing there and I could see the thought forming in Tris’ head and then she just called out “stop! Anyone can stand in front of a board it doesn’t prove anything”. And then she had to stand there and Four threw the knives and it was just so amazing. Then he nicked her ear and you can see the emotions start to boil over but she held them in to maintain her dignity which showed such strength in her character.
The fight scene with Peter was really emotional. She was just getting thrown down so much and then we saw Four walking away from her perspective and all the feels were flying! Then she gets knocked out and wakes up days later and finds out she was cut. I was sad when they told her she was cut because she looked so sad. Then they’re on the train and Tris comes running up and Four helps her on the train and then Eric says “who let you out?” And Tris just goes “I did”. Oh it was so good!
Then we have the capture the flag scene. This is one of my favourite scenes in both book and film. They made it more of a war game in the film whereas in the book that wasn’t explained as much. Tris and Four climbing the Ferris wheel was so adorable I thought I would die! It was so funny when Four said “are you even human Tris?” Then they spot the flag and there was the war scene when they’re all shooting at each other. That was a really good scene and Tris gets the flag. I liked how Christina didn’t steal the flag off of her like she did the book, she just held it up with Tris.
Then Tris went zip-lining. This was my absolute most favourite scene in the film. It was done so incredibly well. I thought it would zoom past that scene really fast but I felt like I was riding it. We see Tris fly through all these buildings and it just made me feel like I was Tris in that moment. What I don’t understand is why the brake is right by your back so it’s hard to reach. Like I know they’re Dauntless but still! I spotted Veronica Roth in the scene which was awesome. I think the guy who invited her zip-lining might have been Zeke but I’m not sure.
Next is the scene when Tris was attacked, and this scene was really stressful for me. Peter was one of her attackers in the book but it didn’t show him so I didn’t hate movie Peter as much as I did book Peter. We did see Al though and I felt so much disgust for him in that moment. But Four came to the rescue and she stayed with him. Then the next day when she’s eating with Christina Al comes up to her and I was just thinking “How dare you! How dare you talk to her!” But Tris said it all herself when she said “If you ever come near me again I will kill you!” The emotion in her face was so powerful and so sad that I felt so many feels. Then Al killed himself which actually annoyed me. He killed himself and then Tris thought it was her fault. How selfish can you be! Then Four found out she was Divergent and took her into his fear landscape. It made a lot more sense in the movie as too why he took her in. In the book he was kind of just like I love you, come see my fears but in the movie it was more like I need to teach you how to do things the Dauntless way, come see my fears. In his fear landscape I felt the fears he was feeling especially in the claustrophobia scene. I would hate to have something compress against me and it was just making me feel disgusting and ugh. His fears were portrayed really well though. I think it’s after that that Tris and Four kiss. That was such a passionate moment and it was so adorable. She saw his tattoo and then they kissed and oh the feels! It was very cute though.
Tris’ end fear landscape didn’t have as many fears in it that than in the book but it was still a really good scene. We had the bird fear and the burning alive fear, then the drowning, the intimacy and shooting her family. We didn’t have the last fear though which was the weird black shapes but I suppose that would’ve been a little tricky to do.
Then after they got into Dauntless they got injected with a serum. She woke up in the middle of the night and everyone was being zombie-like but as she was Divergent it didn’t affect her. I was like “come on Tris follow everyone else, do you want to die?” But she followed what Christina was doing and went through the motions like everyone else. She was trying to find Four and when they were in the carriage she worked her way towards him and he held her hand and it was so romantic. Then we saw him breathe out this big sigh of relief and that was so lovely.
Then they look for her parents together and when they exit Four gets stopped by Eric and he holds a gun to his head and says “tell me if this hurts” and then Tris points her gun and says “why don’t you tell me” and then they’re just locked in this gun stand-off thing. Then she shoots Eric and they escape for like 5 seconds and then are captured. The Tris is taken to be shot and Four to be tested. It is so heartbreaking to see them be pulled away from each other but Four keep looking back at her like he did. With such love and fear in his eyes. Then Tris’ Mum comes and saves her and that was so awesome!
When Tris had to shoot Will I cried. In the book it wasn’t that sad for me but in the film it was. She was just trying so hard to get him to wake up and it was just heartbreaking to watch. It was even sadder when her mum died. But not because she died. Because of Tris’ reaction. Shailene Woodley’s emotion in this scene was so intense that I could feel what she was feeling. She was calling out and you could hear the crack in her voice and it was just so sad.
Eventually she had to leave and she went and found her Dad and Caleb. When she saw Marcus you could see the genuine disgust on her face and I just wanted to punch him. To make him feel the pain he made Four feel for years. They infiltrated Dauntless and that was awesome and when her dad died I wasn’t that sad. I was feeling the emotions that Tris was feeling and she didn’t seem that sad so I wasn’t that sad. It was still sad though.
Then there’s the scene with Tobias when he’s under the serum. It was done so well because we have this whole fight scene and Tris flips him over with her legs and it was just done so well! I loved the moment when she held the gun to her head and said “It’s okay, I love you. I love you, it’s okay.” Then he recognised her and it was just so amazing. Then they fight together and that was awesome.They face Jeanine and make her shut down the program and she refuses but they reject her with the serum so that she had to. Jeanine was so upset that it was shut down but then Tris and Tobias have to run away cause the guards are coming and they have to leave their friends which is really sad.
In the last scene we start with them jumping on the train. Tobias was hanging on the side and Marcus asks for help and I wanted Tobias to leave him there. He didn’t though which sucked. The Tris comes up and is like “I got this” and Tobias says “I know you do” and then scoops her up anyway and holds her. Then we see them on the train and have a last monologue part with Tris and she says how they have no home and will have to start again and her and Tobias are standing together and it’s just so adorable.

So that was it. The amazing movie Divergent. I absolutely adored it from start to finish. For a first movie it was incredible because usually first movies aren’t that good. Divergent was so incredible though that I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Signing off, Charlie.

Catching Fire!

Hi there,

Yesterday my Daddy surprised me by buying me The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD so I thought for today’s blog entry I would review it. I just finished watching it a couple of hours a go and oh wow was it good. This movie was probably the best book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. The turkey turning into Marvel when Katniss shot at it was such an amazing scene and really highlighted how much the games affected the tributes. This scene really set the mood for the rest of the movie and drew me into it. District 12 looked really different from the first movie but it was a more accurate representation so I’m not too annoyed at the confusing change. The scene when Katniss talked about Rue brought tears to my eyes alongside the scene when the young girl told Katniss she was going to volunteer. That scene really illustrated how much the games affect future generations and the set-up for their lives. They showed President Snow’s granddaughter in the movie which was something I didn’t think they would do but i welcomed this change as i felt it showed that even the most vile people do have family they care for. The reaping scene was really emotional and i loved the interviews with the tributes. Johanna Mason’s interview made me laugh so much. Jena Malone was the perfect casting for Johanna. I thought she executed her character really well. My favourite scene in the whole movie was when Johanna stripped in the lift. I couldn’t decide who’s face was the best and it made me laugh and made a change from the dark undertones of the film. Katniss’ Mockingjay dress was really beautiful and when the tributes all held hands I found there was a watery residue under my eyes. The games themselves were perfect. Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was exhibited in the scene when she came into the arena and was still crying. That scene was shot weeks after Cinna’s death scene (I cried) and she managed to look as if it had just happened. Sam Claflin was the perfect choice for Finnick and really presented the character in the perfect light. He really showed Finnick’s, for lack of a better word, spunk. Finnick Odair was both funny and heartbreaking. The different horrors for each hour were executed perfectly. The monkey’s were seriously terrifying and the scene with the Jabberjays made my heart ache. Finnick had nail like scratches by his ear which I believe were made by him trying to tear the noise away from his ears. The ending of Catching Fire was perfect. I cried about Peeta being taken (even though I’ve read the books) and Katniss’ outburst wrenched at my feels. The very end though irritated me a little. It had Gale saying “There is no District 12” but then they zoomed into Katniss’ face for five minutes. I hoped he would say that it would cut to Katniss’ eyes and then the screen would go black. The movie was amazing though and Peeta’s character actually had his sarcasm and witticism about him. I felt Peeta grew in this movie and liked seeing him standing up for something for once.

The costumes in Catching Fire were exquisite. Katniss’ Mockingjay dress was one of my favourites and her and Peeta’s reaping clothes were amazing. Peeta looked so good in that cardigan type thing he was wearing. The clothes they wore in the games weren’t as hideous as i had pictured in my head when reading the book. I only have one complaint about the costumes. Finnick’s parade outfit. He was supposed to be wearing almost nothing, and believe me i really wanted to see that, but instead they shove him in this weird straw skirt thing. Excuse me but Finnick is supposed to be naked. Other than that though the costumes really were exquisitely made and gorgeously worn by the cast.

Catching Fire truly was an incredible movie and i eagerly wait the next instalment in the series: Mockingjay part 1. Until next time amigos.
Signing off, Charlie.