Why this presidential election is so important

Hi there,
So I haven’t posted in ages . . . my bad. I have, honestly, been so busy lately with exams and everything so the time I have spare is about 3 seconds a day. I have a bit of time right now though so I’d like to talk about an incredibly prevalent issue in the world right now that I believe, despite not being American, affects us all. I apologize in advance as I believe I cannot remain neutral when discussing this topic. This is not meant to sway anyone’s opinions, simply express my own in relation to the current election.

The current US presidential election will, no matter who ends up in the position, change the world. We will either see the US move forward in politics and elect their first female president, or we will see them decline into corporate supremacy. The US is one of the most influential powers and so their political state will have an effect on the rest of the world, particularly if Donald Trump is elected. Now, this will be biased as I have an intense dislike for this man so I mean no offence to his supporters, however, I feel I must question: why do you support this man? Trump is not a suitable candidate for presidency in any sense. Not only has he been discovered as a sexual abuser but his consistent attacks on Muslim people are reflective of the attitudes of a particular dictator during WWII.

I genuinely have an intense worry that Trump will be elected, particular for what this will mean for the citizens of the US. He has made no secret of the fact that he will revoke a woman’s right to decide the most intimate and difficult decisions of her life, decisions that the government has no business making. Furthermore, his attitude toward immigrants is simply ignorant, calling them all “rapists” and “criminals” and demanding that a wall be built between the US and Mexico that Mexico will supposedly pay for. It is not just his policies that worry me, however, it is his personality. Trump is a man who has been proven as selfish, power-hungry and sexually abusive. The way in which he speaks about women is incredibly deterrent to the progress of America in relation to woman’s rights. Moreover, his attitudes to other ethnicity’s has the ability to significantly halt or reverse the extended efforts towards racial equality.

The current US election is incredibly important, not just to the US but to the rest of the world as the next president can and will have a significant impact. While Hilary Clinton is not trusted by many Donald Trump is insufficient to run an entire country. He not only has negative attitudes and policies but I believe that his upbringing will have an impact. Trump has had large amounts of financial aid throughout his entire life so he has no concept of what it is like to have no funds, or to be on the cusp of poverty. His lack of knowledge and understanding may very well result in his efforts being targeted towards a more financial able community, particular owners of large businesses like himself. His acute lack of political knowledge furthermore will inebriate his ability to effectively carry out his role in office.

Clinton, meanwhile, appears as a formal and fair candidate whose policies not only aim to benefit the US but to benefit outside parties whom they will effect. Her arguments are justified and she provides evidenciary support for each policy. Her policies are based not on her own opinions and convictions but on her parties’ policies and the good of the country. As I previously stated, it is a politicians’ attitudes that can effect the way in which a country is run. Clinton is professional, mature and appears to have a kind-hearted nature and I believe we should be in support of her.

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