TFF: Favourite Disney Songs

Hi there,
Happy Friday! And I’m sorry. Its been a whole 2 months since I last made a post. I have been the busiest and the most stressed I have ever been. Things don’t seem to be slowing down either so I apologize if there is another 2 month gap after this. As we all know Friday is the best day of the week because we get a top 5 from me. Today I am doing my Top Five Favourite Disney Songs. Now, because this is the hardest thing ever, it is only for animated Disney films. To be honest a top 100 would be more appropriate right now, but anyway I’ll try my best. So lets just jump right in.

1) Let it Go – Frozen
Yes I know, you probably all hate me because everyone hates Frozen now because it was overexposed. But no, this song is amazing. Its powerful and unique and super catchy and I love it. I think it is one of the most brilliantly composed Disney songs and the message it gives to the audience is incredibly powerful. So I’m just going to Let it Go and love this song on my own.


2) Zero to Hero – Hercules
I don’t think there is a person alive who isn’t completely in love with this song. It’s sung by an amazing chorus of women and has the best melody and tonal changes of any Disney song. It also ties in with the development of Hercules and conveys a sequence of events to the audience in a unique, fun and musical way.


3) On My Way – Brother Bear
First of all, this song is a perfect representation of the overall storyline of the film. Secondly, it is a sung by Phil Collins who is a completely underrated genius. Third, the tune and the lyrics are just so catchy! This is the song you want to keep you entertained during a long car ride, it a perfect reflection of the film and is brilliantly catchy.


4) Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas
This song not only educates people about what happened in America’s history, but is an incredible blend of lyrics and symphony. The song reflects the theme of the film perfectly and the way in which is develops the idea of nature > man is brilliant. Not only does the song encapsulate the theme but its super catchy.


5) Make a Man Out of You – Mulan
Lets get down to business. This song is probably the Disney song that I know the lyrics and tonal changes to the best. The song is absolutely brilliant and when listened to while viewing the film is kinda hilarious. It conveys a powerful message of perseverance and endurance and the song is just plain amazing.


Okay, so that is all for this weeks top five Fridays. I hope I see you again soon but I seriously cannot promise anything. I miss you all and I hope you’re all having a great time whatever you’re doing.

Signing off, Verity


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