TFF: Favourite Christmas Movies

Hi there,
So Friday is upon us, the second to last Friday before it’s Christmas Friday! So, because I am insanely excited about Christmas, it’s time to count down my Top Five Favourite Christmas Movies for this weeks’ Top Five Fridays. Alright, lets get started.

1) Father Christmas
This is technically an animated short, approximating about 23 minutes, but it’s about Christmas and it comes on it’s own DVD so it totally counts. This is my all time favourite Christmas film, it’s funny, it’s adorable and it shows Father Christmas in the in-between Christmas stage, a unique way to do a Christmas film.

2) Nativity!
Nativity! is a family music filled film that is so much fun to watch. The story centres around Paul Maddens (played by Martin Freeman) who must find a way to bring Hollywood to his classes nativity play. The acting from the adults is amazing and the children in the film give a realistic and moving performance. The songs are original and so much to sing. This is a film that can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

3) The Nightmare before Christmas
A film that is equal parts Halloween and Christmas will always be amazing. Jack Skellington, Halloween Towns’ Pumpkin King, discovers Christmas and decides to try something new for a change.  This film is fun and festive and has amazing songs! The characters are all unique and the stop motion animation is really fun to watch. The moral of the story though is particularly hard to decipher.

4) Elf
A Christmas Classic (in my house it is anyway), a fun and magic filled film about the spirit of Christmas.Elf is both festive and hilarious, with it’s comedy as refreshing at it appeared the last time you saw it. As well as being funnily festive, it holds a great message: family is the most important thing of all.

5) Scrooge
An old Christmas classic, Scrooge is musically fun and brings the classic Dickens tale to life! The characters, while based off of those in a book, feel entirely original due to the brilliant acting. Scrooge’s transformation is subtle, almost imperceptible to the audience. This is a Christmas film I think everyone should take the time to see.

Alright so that is it for my Top Five Favourite Christmas Films. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment your favourite films in the comments below.

Signing off, Verity


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