TFF: Saddest Disney Moments

Hi there,
So once again another Friday! Today I decided to end the week on a sad note, because that’s always delightful. And to make it even sadder, it’s Disney! So get those tissues ready to relieve some tearful moments. And yes, there will be spoilers so I’ll only be putting the names of the films as the titles of the list so you can skip it if you don’t want to be spoiled. This is in no particular order because they are all as sad as each other.

1) Lilo and Stitch
Lilo and Stitch for the most part is a heart-warming movies about acceptance but there is one scene that makes me tear up! When Stitch find the Ugly Duckling book and leaves Lilo, calling out that he’s “lost”. It’s so emotional as a scene because I think everyone at some point in their lives has felt like they’re unloved and don’t belong.

2) Brother Bear
Brother Bear is a film that is sad from beginning to end but two scenes stand out the most to me. The first, when Kenai is telling Koda what he did and the second when Koda sees his mother’s spirit. They are really emotional scenes, particularly because they involve family and as a person whose family is very important to me, I cannot imagine going through those situations.

3) Toy Story 3
This was always going to be a sad film, with Andy grown up and no longer into toys like he once was. The saddest scene in the film was the at the end when Andy made the decision to give his toys, including Woody, to another little girl. Then Woody looks into the distance as he goes and says his final goodbyes. Cue the tears.

4) Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc. is a beautiful Disney film with a sad middle and a good ending. The most heart-wrenching scene, however, has to be when Sully has to say goodbye to Boo and she opens her wardrobe expecting him to be there. A heart-breaking moment because everyone can relate to losing someone they love.

5) Up
Everyone who has ever seen this movie knows what scene I’m talking about. The Ellie and Carl montage at the beginning of the film. You know, the montage that develops a relationship perfectly in about 5 minutes? The montage that makes you want that kind of relationship and makes you sad for every person who has ever lost anyone they love. Yeah, that one.

I hope you enjoyed my top five saddest Disney moments (and didn’t use too many tissues). Feel free to comment your saddest moments down below and I’ll see you next Friday.

Signing off, Verity




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