TFF: Favourite Harry Potter moments

Hi there,
So it’s been a while . . . sorry about that but this week has been so hectic! Anyway, another Friday has rolled around so it’s time for Top Five Friday’s. This weeks topic is really hard; my favourite Harry Potter moments. Because it is so darn difficult the five moments will be in no particular order, they are just the five I love the most. Alright lets get started.

1) Tom Riddle’s death
I’m not talking the movie death here, I’m talking the book death. It was so simple and so quick and it was a plainly human death. It brought that slice of humanity back to Tom Riddle and gave him the death he most deserved; a death that made him normal. It was the finality of the moment that made me realize the books were ending, that I was drawing close to the end. It was a simple and yet strangely heartbreaking moment that I will never forget reading.

2) Mirror of Erised (first meeting)
Harry finding the Mirror of Erised was such a beautiful moment and was great foreshadowing for character development to come. Harry longed for the family he never got, and that longing was part of what fueled him to keep going, to win the war. Harry is one of the bravest characters but I think some small part of him broke when he realized that Mirror showed him something that could never be reached. It was a truly beautiful scene and I loved both reading and watching it.

3) Neville’s speech
Neville’s speech was, for a lot of people, what proved his braveness. Neville is one of the most courageous characters in the series, he faced his worse fear every day, and I loved that this was how he decided to show the world. He developed so much as a character in the Deathly Hallows and this entire scene, not just the speech but the hat and sword, made me love Neville even more. What he went through because of his bravery was horrific, but the fact that he continued after that, is what makes Neville so special.

4) Hermione and Ron kiss
Once again I’m talking about the book, not the movie. Firstly the scene showed how much Ron had developed as a character, his truly caring nature becoming more apparent. Secondly it was a beautifully crafted scene, with romance and comedy making an appearance. I waited seven long books for that kiss and boy was I glad of the wait. It was really simple, but really nice, a perfect encompass of their two characters.

5) Harry conjures a Patronus
In the moment when Harry and Sirius were facing the dementors a mysterious person fired a patronus, a person that was later revealed to be Harry. He had believed it was his father but then realizing he wasn’t coming, Harry conjured the patronus himself. This scene was a true show of Harry’s character, of his take charge attitude. I also think it was a turning point (a rather dark one) for Harry as it was the moment he realized no one was coming to save him, he was going to have to do that himself. It was a beautiful and heartbreaking scene and it will always rank high on my list.

Alright so that is it for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite Harry Potter moments. Feel free to share your favourite moments in the comments down below.

Signing off, Verity


Harry rides Buckbeak


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