TFF: Favourite Back to the Future moments

Hi there,
This week I think I have the most exciting Top Five Friday yet! This past Wednesday, the 21st of October 2015, was the day that Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown traveled to in the Delorean in Back to the Future II. So for this weeks most marvelous Friday I have decided to list my five favourite Back to the Future moments, from the entire trilogy. I hope you enjoy.

1) Marty Mcfly playing Johnny B. Good (Back to the Future)
This is the scene I remember loving the most when I was younger. I loved Michael J. Fox and he was such a good singer and looked so good playing that guitar. I feel like it was a turning point for his character as well, all the time he had been in the past he’d been stressed and fearful but after realizing he was going to be born he released all his tensions into this song.It was a celebration of life and hope and was a phenomenal moment in the film that I think everyone remembers. It was also pretty hilarious.

johnny b goode

2) Marty receiving the letter from the past (Back to the Future II)
At the conclusion to the sequel of Back to the Future it is revealed that when Marty was sent back to 1985 Doc was sent to 1885, due to an overload of gigawatts. Doc wrote a letter in 1885 to be given to Marty in the time period he arrived in. It was a fantastic moment in the film for the audience to realize that Doc was to be saved, that he has simply been living as a blacksmith in the past. It was a fabulously acted scene, and the lighting gave great shadowing for Marty’s inner feelings.


3) Marty meeting his dad in the past (Back to the Future)
Marty meeting his dad in the past was one of the best shots in cinematic history (in my opinion). The similarities created were incredible and Michael J. Fox’s acting was amazing. I don’t know why this scene resounds with me to such a degree but I just find it an incredibly well performed scene and it really struck a chord with me as a child, and even now.

marty meeting dad

4) George Mcfly punches Biff (Back to the Future)
I feel like this was an incredibly iconic moment for the movie, it was the moment the audience finally rose from their seats and cheered for George for his courage. Standing up to someone like Biff was an amazing thing to do and it was ultimately George’s love for Lorraine that made him do it. George played out as a weak character until that very moment, and I think that moment alone is what made a lot of people fall in love with him.

george punch

5) Marty riding to “Power of Love” (Back to the Future)
In the beginning of the movie Marty is skateboarding to school (after being late) and decides to latch onto the backs of cars to get there faster. The track that played during this moment made it that much more profound. It was a fabulous song and I think it was great foreshadowing both for Marty’s character and for the plot itself. It also was a great indication of Marty’s character; he was kind of lazy (I mean he never gets out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to skateboard normally to school), but also thought outside the box to come up with a fast and effective solution to problems.


Alright so they are my five favourite moments from the Back to the Future trilogy. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to share your favourite moments with me in the comments.

Signing off, Verity



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