TFF: Favourite characters that aren’t American

Hi there,
So after a rough week another Friday has finally rolled around. Hurray! So it’s time for another Top Five Friday’s and this weeks topic is “favourite characters that aren’t American”. Most books these days lack ethnic diversity, with the the largest populace of characters being American. So today I decided to share with you the top five characters that avoid this category, they can live in America but their heritage is a different culture. Alright lets get started.

1) Jamie Fraser: Scottish
Jamie Fraser is the main romantic interest in the incredible novel Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon. He was born and raised in Scotland and is, honestly, the love of my life. He tops the cake for this category (and probably every other) and his Scottish heritage makes him all the more interesting. That Scottish accent (in my mind) sure is delightful.

2) Karou: Czechoslovak
Karou is the protagonist of Laini Taylor’s amazing Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. She was “born” I guess you could say in the Czech Republic and made her home in Prague, the capital of the city. Karou is an incredible character and being set in Prague was interesting and beautiful and I felt it added to the enjoyment of the book and the character.

3) Etienne St Claire: French
Etienne is half French, half American but kinda English at the same time but it’s really hard to find characters okay! And I love him. So anyway Etienne is the amazing male character in Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss. His English accent and French romantics make him the most amazing character. He was a really unique character, largely in part to his strange mix of cultures.

4) Cinder: Asian
Cinder is one of the protagonists in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles and is a really cool character. The city of New Beijing serves as the backdrop for many of the scenes in the novels, particularly the first book Cinder. Cinder’s Asian ethnicity isn’t that strongly evident, the only clue is where she lives, but I think that that makes it all the better. Cultures aren’t a strong theme in the books because no one cares and I really liked that.

5) Kishan: Indian
Kishan is one of the main protagonists in the Tigers Curse series by Colleen Houck. Kishan is amazing and sweet and really attractive and funny and attractive and nice and attractive . . . and attractive. He really is the full package and his learning about his culture was really interesting and fully educational. I learned a lot about Indian cultures and history through these novels and I had a really good time with it.

Alright so that is all for my Top Five Friday’s: favourite characters that aren’t American. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave tell me your favourites in the comments (not that you ever do).

Signing off, Verity


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