TFF: Favourite fictional couples

Hi there,
So . . . I may have missed Friday. But I figure that somewhere in the world it must be Friday so it still counts! Anyway, today will be my top five favourite fictional couples. This is going to be hard.

1) Anna/Etienne – Anna and the French Kiss
This book was amazingly adorable in every way, mainly because of the presence of Anna and Etienne. They are the cutest couple to ever exist and I just fell in love with the relationship they have. Everyone who has read this book will know exactly what I’m talking about. Their dynamic is really interesting and the caring way with which they interact is something YA novels tend to leave out to make room for corny one-liners. Their relationship is amazing to read about; they top the cake for fictional couples.

2) Percabeth – Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Percy and Annabeth are that one couple that really subtly hints at the love they share for each other. There are some grander gestures that you see (end of Mark of Athena) but primarily it is simply, beautiful things that show how much they care. Their relationship has been built over years, something I love as it contradicts that five minutes of falling in love it seems to take for a lot of other YA couples. Their foundation is so strong and their support for one other is really sweet.

3) Karou/Akiva – Daughter of Smoke and Bone
This series, as you have to know by now, is one of my all time favourites, partly due to the relationship formed between Karou and Akiva. Their relationship was messy and felt incredibly real. They had to build up trust over time and managed to forgive a great deal. Their relationship was rocky at best but their solid love meant that they continued to be together. Also they are just a really adorable couple.

4) Romione – Harry Potter
Romione was the first ship to ever sail in my sea. The love I have for these individual characters carried over to the coupling that I couldn’t help but love. They faced a lot of difficulties in building something solid, making an amazing read and an incredible feeling when finally, finally they were together.

5) Wessa – The Infernal Devices
Will and Tessa are an extraordinary couple but the issues that they faced where heartbreaking to read about, making their relationship a lot less enjoyable. In the end however they reigned supreme and their love and respect for one another was evident in their every move. They are the power couple of all powerful couples.

Alright so that is it for this weeks Top Five Fridays, feel free to comment your favourite couples down below and I shall see you next Friday.

Signing off, Verity


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