Not everyone will like you . . . and that’s okay.

During the course of an your life you will inevitably meet people that don’t like you/don’t approve. But you know what: it’s okay. Not everyone has to like you, you just need to like yourself. The people we seek approval from now will come to mean nothing to us in a few years time, so why are they so important? It’s the people we don’t know that we care about the most, desperately seeking their opinion of us. But why? You don’t matter in their lives so why spend all your time trying to impress them and making them like you? The value of their approval will decrease each year so there’s no point worrying about it today.

The opinions you hold yourself are the only ones that matter. Not everyone you meet in this world will like you, but they don’t have to. Because they don’t matter, not in the slightest. You matter. That’s all.


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