Not everyone will like you . . . and that’s okay.

During the course of an your life you will inevitably meet people that don’t like you/don’t approve. But you know what: it’s okay. Not everyone has to like you, you just need to like yourself. The people we seek approval from now will come to mean nothing to us in a few years time, so why are they so important? It’s the people we don’t know that we care about the most, desperately seeking their opinion of us. But why? You don’t matter in their lives so why spend all your time trying to impress them and making them like you? The value of their approval will decrease each year so there’s no point worrying about it today.

The opinions you hold yourself are the only ones that matter. Not everyone you meet in this world will like you, but they don’t have to. Because they don’t matter, not in the slightest. You matter. That’s all.



Fear is a heart-stopping, body-binding phenomenon that we all experience. Fear is something you cannot outrun. I myself have a fear of flying, of elevators and of the dark. These are fears I have never outrun but you can embrace them. It is when fear controls our lives that we have lost.

When you feel that fear creeping up, when your heart begins to slow, don’t back down; don’t walk away. Stay and face your fear, don’t let it defeat you. Fears can stop you from living your life but you cannot give them that power. If you do, you have lost and there is no coming back from that. Walking away from whatever it is that scares you is the first step to never living a proper life; to always live scared of your own shadow.

The biggest fear that we all probably have is the fear you feel when someone you love gets sick, or has to leave. There is nothing we can do in those situations except offer support and kindness. That fear is one we are forced to face, head on. But that’s okay. Because it makes us stronger; because it makes us more aware of the love we have for those in our lives.

Fear is something you will always have to live with, but it is something you can control. So next time you feel afraid, face it, because it’s when you run from it that fear wins.

May Wrap-up

Hi there,
So today will be my, a little but late, wrap-up for the month of May. I read a total of 5 books this month, only one less than last month so I did pretty well I think. I’ll be giving a brief description of the book, my thoughts and then a rating.

1) Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
This is the first book that I read in May and I absolutely loved it. This is the second book in the Throne of Glass series, a series that focuses on Celaena Sardothein, an assassin who enters a competition to become the Kings Champion. This book was even more amazing than the first. The story got even more intense and I fell further in love with all the characters. I highly, highly, highly recommend this series because it is seriously amazing and the characters are all so strong and unique.
Rating: * * * * *

2) All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
The second book I read was written by one of my favourite youtubers and one of the most inspirational people in my life. This was a self-help book and it focused on Carrie’s experiences growing up and the book has really helped me in my life since reading it. She is really inspirational and motivational and I just fell in love with her even more.
Rating: * * * * *

3) World After by Susanne Ee
This is the second book in the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy, a trilogy that centres around Penryn, a young girl living in an angel-filled dystopian world. This trilogy is one of my absolute favourites and I’m so sad its now officially over.
Rating: * * * * *

4) The End of Days by Susanne Ee
This is the final book in the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy and was probably the best book in the series. I felt more connected to the characters, and I was even feeling links to the antagonists by the end. I seriously recommend this series to basically everyone,
Rating * * * * *

5) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
This is a book that focuses on Finch, a suicidal boy, and Violent, a girl who lost her sister in a car accident. It was such an emotional and moving book. I enjoyed every minute of it and it really gave a different insight into suicide and love and losing family. I felt so connected to the characters and I just fell in love with the story. One of my all time favourite stand-alones now and I highly highly recommend it.
Rating: * * * * *

So those are the books I read in the month of May, and every one of them got 5 stars because they were all that amazing. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment the books you read this month or your opinions on the books I read.

Signing off, Verity