Versatile Blogger Award


Hi there,
So I feel really bad because I only just realized that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the amazing Becca and Books. Her blog is truly amazing and you should all go check it out. So thanks Becca for the nomination! As with the Liebster Award there are some rules that come with this.

1) Show the award on your blog
2) Thank the person that has nominated you
3) Share 7 facts about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other blogs of your choice
5) Link the nominees and let them know

Alright so the first two have already been completed so here are my seven facts.

1 – Two years ago I went on a survival retreat and lived in the middle of nowhere for 5 days with no toilets or showers.
2 – I only ever have peanut butter in a sandwich
3 – My favourite ride in Disney World Florida is the Tower of Terror
4 – I’ve going swimming in the Great Barrier Reef
5 – I’ve been to 3/5 continents
6 – My Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares books have been signed
7 – I own 32 teddy bears

Alright so they are my 7 facts about me, I hope you liked them. Now onto the nominees:
Big City Bibliophile
The Perks of Being a Bibliophile
The Wanderlust Reader
Books and Cleverness
Opinionated Bookstar
Becca and Books

Alright so that is it for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to be posting again soon.

Signing off, Charlie


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