The Liebster Award (again)

Hi there,
So I was nominated for the Liebster Award just a little while ago but I’ve actually been nominated again by the amazing fangirlsforthewin. She has an incredible blog that you all have to go and look at. Her posts are new and inventive and we have very similar taste so if you like my blog, you’ll like hers. I’ve decided that I will just answer the questions for this one but I won’t pass it on because I already did. If you want to see the original post you can find it here: The Snazzy Original

1) Who is your ultimate favourite fictional character?
I have so many that this is just impossible! For the sake of this I will pick one of the many and I will pick Akiva from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy because I recently read the second book and he is fresh in my mind.

2) if you could be anyone in the entire world, who would you be – or would you stay the same?
I would either be one of the Disney Princesses at Disney World in Florida or Emma Watson.

3) You’re planning your annual birthday slumber party (Boys and Girls) which 5 fictional characters do you invite?
Hermione Granger because she is one of the first fictional characters I really loved and she would be a lot of fun.
Dean Winchester because I love him and we are definitely dating *cough*
Zuzana from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy because she is so bubbly and a lot of fun.
Tris Prior because she is the character that would be my best friend in the fictional worlds.
Jace Herondale because he puts the fab in fabulous.

4) What is your dream superpower?
Definitely to either fly or to have control over the fire element. I think that would be really amazing.

5) who do you ship more- romione or ginny/harry?
Definitely Romione. They are the first ship that sailed in my sea and will continue to be a permanent member.

6) Who is your favourite band/artist/singer?
Ether Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, McBusted or Fall Out Boy, I love them all.

7) the world is running out of resources and you have to eat one meal for the rest of your life – what is it?
A big fat slice of chocolate cake, with the strawberries on the top and everything.

8) who, out of celebrities would you- kiss, marry, kill?
I would marry Jensen Ackles, hands down.
Kiss Zac Efron because who in their right mind wouldn’t?
Then I would kill Chris Brown because he hit Rhianna and that is not okay.

9) what would be your dream house – cottage in the country, mansion in hollywood or penthouse in the city?
It would be a big two story house that was made of those wooden slats and they would be blue. The roof would be red and the top story would have a big balcony that went all the way around the house.

10) If you could invent anything, what would it be?
Ahh this is so hard! Probably a type of ink or paper that glows in the dark so that I could read in the dark.

11) last question, if you could be a werewolf, vampire or a wizard/witch what would you be?
Definitely witch. I would not want to drink peoples blood or become a dog. Also magic.

Alright so that is it for my second go at this. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

Signing off, Charlie


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