The alphabet favourites tag

Hi there,
So as you know I do a lot of tags on my blog and so I thought it was about time I created my own. So today I present to you the “alphabet favourites tag”! Ta-da! It’s pretty simple; for each letter of the alphabet there is a category you have to pick a favourite from. I’ll be tagging a couple of people down the bottom. Alright lets get to it.


Animal: Probably whales or elephants, they are both so huge and cute.

Bookstore: Considering there is only 2 here where I live I would have to say Dymocks.

Car: 1967 Black Chevy Impala. I think we all know why.

Disney character: Oh this is a difficult question. Probably either Stitch, Koda, Mike, Mushu or a million others. Why did I make these questions so hard?!

Eggs: I like mine scrambled.

Friends characters: It’s gotta be Chandler. He is really funny in every episode and I relate to his disinterest in the world so much.

Group (as in band): Either Fall Out Boy, Sleeping with Sirens or Green Day; I love them all.

Holiday: Christmas, absolutely. It is the best time of the year; everything is so festive and people are just really happy all the time.

Illustrator: Tony Ross. He illustrated the Little Princess books. They are these:
3325767I just love that they are really fun and different.

Joker: Heath Ledger, is there really anyone else?

Key romance: I love the romance between Percy and Annabeth in the Heroes of Olympus and I love the romance between Emma Swan and Killian Jones in Once Upon a Time.

Lyric in any song: I love in the song Do They Know it’s Christmas Time by BandAid where it yells out: “Well tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you!” The lyric is just so awesome.

Marauder: Moony, Padfoot and Prongs together. Together I think they would have been so much fun and J.K.Rowling needs to write a series about them.

Noise: I love the sound of the ocean at night time when the waves get all calm and still but are just lightly pushing against each other.

Onomatopoeia: Mine would be Hiss. It’s so fun to say, go on try it I won’t judge.

Post on tumblr: The one with the dancing reindeers. You can find it here:

Queen song: Bohemian Rhapsody, it is catchy, it is cool and you can sing it all (including the instrumental).

Rebel group in a book/movie: I love the one in the Hunger Games. I love the passion they had for what they were doing and I love the way they went about everything.

Superhero: Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. He is just adorable the entire time.

TV show: Supernatural in the everything genre, and FRIENDS in the comedy genre. Mainly Spn though.

Ukulele colour: I really like them in pink, they feel very Hawaii like then.

Vacation: This year I went to America for two week and we went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida and it was so amazing I cannot even describe it. You have to go there one day!

Word: I like wubble. Not sure it’s a real word but in America they have a thing called a Wubble Bubble Ball and I just love the word Wubble.

X-men character: Never actually seen X-Men but I need something for X.

Yak name: If I had a Yak I’d probably name it Zak, just so that I could say “this is Zak, my Yak” and make a really cool rhyme.

Z favourite way to say Z: I say it like Zed, never really like Zee.

That is is for the alphabet favourites tag. I apologise if it was boring but It was all my brain could come up with. I tag SherlockianBooklover and Bookishrebels to do this tag. Feel free to comment your answers in the comments section. Also I am wanting a new goodbye so any suggestions you have please comment them. Please.

Signing off, Charlie.


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