Fifteen Festive Favourites

Hi there,
So it is now December 1st, meaning it is only 24 days until Christmas! In light of this holiday I am going to be doing the Fifteen Festive Favourites tag. I absolutely love Christmas so this is a really awesome tag to do and I hope you all like it as well.

1. Festive food
The Yorkshire puddings. My dad makes them from scratch and they are so delicious!

2. Reindeer
Prancer because he has the coolest name out of all the reindeer. And also because of this:
3. Day of Christmas
Five Gold Rings!! It’s the only part of the song everybody knows and it’s the part people like to sing at the top of their lungs.

4. Christmas Song
Do They Know it’s Christmas Time the BandAid song. I love the cause it’s for and I love the actual song. It is so amazing and has always been my favourite song.

5. Christmas Present
I love all presents really. I’ll be happy with anything I get. I’ve never really had an absolute favourite present.

6. Christmas Film
Nativity! The one with Martin Freeman. The songs are amazing and the film is so funny and so good.

7. Christmas Cracker toy
There are seriously no good cracker toys in Australian Christmas Crackers.

8. Christmas Cracker joke
Never gotten a good joke either. Pretty disappointing really.

9. Decoration
We have this gorgeous (quite tall) Nutcracker that’s mouth can actually crack nuts. When we were young we used to make it talk and I’ve just always really loved it as a decoration.

10. Candle scent
We don’t use candles at Christmas. We don’t really use candles at all actually.

11. Christmas advert
Once again there are no good ads that I have seen at Christmas that I can really remember.

12. Festive Tradition
On Christmas Eve we always watch a Christmas film before we go to bed and I’ve just always loved to do that.

13. Place to spend Christmas
At home. I’ve never really spent it anywhere else because at home is where I think Christmas should be spent.

14. Festive Fact
If you don’t have a Chimney you don’t have to worry about Father Christmas not getting to you because he has a Universal Key that opens all houses’ doors.

15. Snowman accessory
The scarf. I don’t like to think of the snowman being cold so I like it when it has a scarf. I have only actually built one snowman in my life when we lived in England. We built it with our next door neighbor.

That is all for the Fifteen Festive Favourites tag. I hope it has gotten you in the mood for Christmas. I tag SherlockianBooklover and PagesWeHeart. I also tag any of you that love Christmas.

Signing off, Charlie


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