Mockingjay movie review

Hi there,
I just got back from the cinemas where I saw Mockingjay part 1. It was so good! A lot better than the first part of the book because that was quite slow. This booktalk isn’t going to have a non-spoiler section because there isn’t any point. If you haven’t seen the others you should just leave now. Bye.

Okay so I actually had some pretty big doubts about Mockingjay. The first half of the book wasn’t fantastic, it was actually really slow. I was just blown away by the film from the very first scene. It was so simple opening on Katniss reciting what had happened to her. It really showed the audience the amount of damage the games had done and what Peeta being taken had produced. It was a gorgeously done scene and then we got to see Finnick for the first time and see him, no longer happy, but completely insane. Driven mad by losing Annie after he was so sure he would get to see her again.
Visiting twelve was the first indication we were given of the destruction the capital had done. It was so sad to see it all destroyed and then to see the land just filled with bodies. I cried at that part because mass killings are just so upsetting. Especially because it was Katniss’ home. I was a bit confused though because she stepped on a skull but the killing had happened only maybe a month or two before so the bodies would still be fresh, they would have skin and hair etc. It was really funny when Katniss took Buttercup but it was really scary when she found the white rose left by President Snow.
The next note-worthy scene was when she saw Peeta on the television in the cafeteria (literally the only way I can think to describe it). It was so painful to see him so upset and to see the people booing him and to see Katniss so scared and hurt for him. The viewings of Peeta only got worse as he began to look more beat-up and sick. He was too thin and too ill and it scared the life out of me (despite having read the book).
When Katniss demanded his, Annie’s and Johanna’s saving with full immunity I was so thankful. I thought they would kill Peeta for saying what he did, or at the very least leave him there and not bother saving him. It was such a powerful scene for Katniss and you really got a proper look at how much Peeta means to her.
Effie was introduced and I was so happy although she wasn’t supposed to be released until later. Seeing her was quite heart breaking because she usually looks so glamarous and is quite a happy person, but she just looked so sad. She became Katniss’ escort and that was so nice. The outfit Cinna made for Katniss to be the Mockingjay was just gorgeous. She looked so strong and proud in it, like the Katniss that she was.
The attempted propoganda video was so funny. Katniss seemed so stiff and fake and when the background was put there it just looked ridiculous. But then of course that inspired them to create some real footage which was just amazing.
They visited 8 and it was so terrifying to see all those people injured. They believed in Katniss so much and they all paid for it terribly. Katniss’ first real fighting was in that scene and even then it wasn’t much. She shot down the planes but it was too late. They all burned in an explosion and all were killed. Katniss’ grief was felt so strongly because of Jennifer’s incredible acting skills. Her speech was so inspiring and really warmed my heart. The powerful way she spoke and the intense words she used all assisted in making her speech so memorable.
Visiting 12 again was so heart breaking with Gale talking about what exactly happened. The Hanging Tree song was gorgeous, Jennifer sung it so well. Then that propaganda video was made and it was beautiful. I cried so much when the revolution in 5 happened and they all marched singing “The Hanging Tree”. Seeing people come together, with so much hope invested in one person, really makes me happy and sad, thus creating tears.
The tears did not stop later because Peeta heard her voice. Her heard her and he looked so afraid and so confusing and so full of love. He just wanted to be near her and see her so much. It was so sad to see him even more ill and then be dragged away when he gave the warning about the bombing coming to 13. The bombing was quite an intense scene but it made it quite lighter when Katniss was playing with that cat. That is, until she had a revelation about what was happening with Peeta and the other tributes; that they were there to toy with their emotions.
The attempted rescue and Finnick’s propaganda overlapped. I was too focussed on Finnick’s propaganda to pay much attention to the rescue. They were finally explaining what went on with Finnick and how the capital sold and brought his body after the games. The secrets revealed were interesting to know and added more to the storyline. Finnick’s story is really the one I wanted more on and I was so happy when it was included in the film.
The rescue went well, despite the systems being back up and then there was the meetings. Johanna looked so ill and it was just heartbreaking. She had been broken by the Capital and it was horrible. Finnick seeing Annie again made me cry so much, it was so heart warming and to see him with the woman he loved so much was too much. The Katniss saw Peeta. He looked horrible and then lunging at her throat like that. It was too horrible to believe.
The last scene was the most horrific at all with Peeta. He was thrashing and writhing wanting to be free and it was just heart breaking to watch. I couldn’t stand the fact that that sweet boy we all know and love was turned into a monster who had been strapped down like that.

Mockingjay part 1 was a really amazing film; I loved it so much. It was done really well and loved everything about it, from start to finish. I cannot wait for Mockingjay part 2.

Signing off, Charlie.


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