Would you rather TV edition tag

Hi there,
I am really sorry I haven’t been uploading for a while but I have had such a hectic week. I am still going to do a Heroes of Olympus booktalk but not right now. Today I thought I’d do the would you rather TV edition, and by TV I mean movies as well. So lets get started.

1) Would you rather watch only TV shows or movies?
Oh this is really hard because I love both! I think I would have to choose TV shows though because a) I couldn’t live without Supernatural and b) they last longer.

2) Would you rather watch movies with only male or female protagonists?
Well I don’t really care whether the protagonist is male or female. It makes little change to the story so I think I’ll have to skip this question.

3) Would you rather only go to the cinemas or only watch on DVD?
DVD for sure. If I could only see it at the cinema a) it would cost me loads of money and b) I could only watch it for the set time it’s out in the cinema. I do love a trip to the cinema but I could wait for the DVD and then be able to own it forever.

4) Would you rather have your favourite TV show turned into a series of movies or have your favourite movie turned into a TV show?
I think I’d go movie to TV show. The movies that are made now, especially book to movie adaptations, never seem long enough and there are often holes in the plot. If my favourite movie (I don’t actually have on yet) was turned into a TV show ┬áit would be more elaborate and I would get to watch for longer.

5) Would you rather watch 5 episodes per day or 5 episodes per week?
Argh this is too hard! For someone who watches a lot of TV 5 episodes per week is so little but watching 5 episodes per day is a lot. Can I cheat and pick 2-3 episodes per day? Yep, I’m cheating.

6) Would you rather be a professional reviewer or script writer?
I would have to say script writer. I want to be an author and this is probably the closest thing to it. Also reviewing movies/TV shows is hard.

7) Only watch your favourite TV show over and over or only watch new ones?
No! This is too hard! I love Supernatural I could never give it up, but I don’t want to not be able to watch awesome new stuff that comes only! Argh!. I would have to say only watch new ones because Spn (Supernatural) is signed on for two more seasons and technically they are new so I can watch those.

8) Would you rather be a ticket seller at the cinema or a DVD seller at a store?
As you know from my previous would you rather I would quite like to own a book store so I would say be a DVD seller because then I could just incorporate a DVD section into my book store.

9) Would you rather only watch your favourite genre or watch every genre but your favourite?
I don’t really have a favourite genre so every genre but I guess

10) Would you rather only watch live-action or cartoon?
Probably live-action. I don’t watch many shows/movies that are cartoons (except Disney of course). So yeah probably live-action cause you know, Supernatural.

Okay that is it for the would you rather TV edition tag. Keep an eye out for my Heroes of Olympus booktalk that I promise you I will be writing. That’s all for now.

Signing off, Charlie