Taylor Swift book tag

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I’m about a quarter through House of Hades (Ahh so good) so my combined booktalk on the Heroes of Olympus series will be here soon. Today I’m doing another tag asking questions based around Taylor Swift songs. So here we go

1) We are never getting back together: a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with but then wanted to break up with
Okay for this question I’d have to say The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series by Ann Brashares. I read the first one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It was fun and fast-paced and overall just a really enjoyable read. But then I read I began to read the second book. I couldn’t even finish it. The characters had changed so much it was like they were completely different people. As soon as I read the second book I really wanted to break up with this series. 

2) Red: pick a book with a red cover
For this I’m going to choose The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling. While the cover does have some yellow on it, it is predominately red. 

3) The best day: pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic
For this I’m going to choose The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton. I read this books when I was really young with my parents and they always make me feel nostalgic. 

4) Love Story: pick a book with a forbidden love
Flowers in the Attic series by Virginia Andrews. This book probably has the most forbidden love in the history of forbidden loves. And that’s because one of it’s main themes is incest. Now keep in mind that this book was written way back when so these themes would have been even more shocking. It was an incredible book though and definitely had a forbidden love. 

5) I knew you were trouble: pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love
That would be Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Anna is a ghost with a murderous predisposition but I just couldn’t help but love her. She was so much fun to read about and brought so much flavour to the story. Anna is definitely one bad character I cannot help but love. 

6) Innocent: pick a book that someone ruined the ending of
Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. Now for those of you who have read MoA you’ll know how terrifyingly frustrating the ending is. It was spoiled because of tumblr and so I spent the whole series up until then dreading the moment it would happen. For some reason it did not make it any less terrifying. I’m just hoping that no one will ruin House of Hades for me because I’m going in totally blind for this book.

7) Everything has changed: pick a book that has a character who goes through extensive character development
Tris from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. The change we see in her from started out as a scared Abnegation girl to a strong Dauntless warrior is incredible. In three short books she went through so many major changes and it was so amazing to be able to read about. I will always love Tris and I think she definitely changed for the better. 

8) Forever and always: pick your favourite book couple
Okay are you ready for this list: Romione (Ron/Hermione), Percabeth (Percy/Annabeth), Fourtris (Four/Tris), Wessa (Will/Tessa), Clace (Clary/Jace), Sizzy (Simon/Izzy), Augustus/Hazel. Canna (Cas/Anna) and Eleanor/Park

9) You belong with me: most anticipated book release
Well right now Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. All my series have ended (so sad) so I’m not really waiting on anything but this. The power of my happiness rests in the content of Blood of Olympus. My soul is in your hand Mr Riordan.

10) Come back, be here: pick a book you wouldn’t lend out to anyone for fear of missing it too much
That would be Guess how much I love you. And yes I am talking about the children’s book. This book was a massive part of my childhood and I would never lend it out to anyone not even a young child who wanted to start the adventure for themselves. 

11) Tear drops on my guitar: a book that made you cry a lot
Allegiant by Veronica Roth. No further explanation needed. Just…. Allegiant man. Allegiant

12) Shake it off: a book that you love so much you just shake off the haters
I’m going to come back to Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews for this question. Because of the themes and the very mature content a lot of people hate on this book or it’s readers. It really was an incredible read so I just kind of shake all the bad comments off because I don’t care. It’s an incredible series that anyone (and by that I mean mature readers) should pick up.

Okay that is it for the Taylor Swift book tag. Hope you enjoyed it and I will see you see for my Heroes of Olympus booktalk.

Signing off, Charlie.  


Would you rather book edition

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So I am still working on my Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero booktalk but because I’ve almost finished the Son of Neptune I might booktalk them together. Also I just got Troye Sivan’s EP TRXYE so I will be doing a review on that soon as well. So today I thought I would do the would you rather book tag. 

1) Would you rather read only trilogy’s or stand-alones?
Okay well this is actually really hard because I love both. I would probably say trilogy’s though. I love stand-alone novels and a lot of them are some of my favourite books but trilogy’s are just so fun to read. Having the story continue is so great whereas with stand-alones I feel they end much too quickly. I do love both though so this was hard but trilogy’s all the way. 

2) Would you rather read only female or male authors?
Um….. I don’t really care. The gender of the person really doesn’t effect the book. Some of my favourite books are by female authors but some of my favourite books are by male authors. Yeah I don’t really like this question. Pass.

3) Would you rather only shop online or instore?
I love going to the book store seeing the book that I want, purchasing it and bringing it home with me. But so many times I go to a book store and they don’t have the book I want, they don’t have any books that I want. With shopping online I am pretty much guaranteed that they’ll have the book that I want. So, even though I love shopping in store, I’m going to have to choose shopping online. 

4) Would you rather all books become movies or TV shows?
Argh! Why are these questions so hard! I don’t know this is so difficult. In some ways I think movies because the Hunger Games and Divergent as TV shows wouldn’t work. And how would you make a stand-alone a TV show?! But then on the other hand I think “what if Harry Potter was a TV show?” Where every book was a season and every chapter was an episode. We would learn so much! I think though I would say movies. Because stand-alones as TV shows kind of wouldn’t work and I really want to see Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher become a movie.

5) Would you rather read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
Well obviously 5 books per week! It would difficult but 5 pages per day means I finish a book a month.

6) Would you rather be a professional reviewer or professional author? 
Well since it’s my dream to become a professional author probably that! 

7) Would you rather only read your top 20 books over and over or only read new books?
I love to re-read my favourite books it is one of my favourite things. To revisit that place of magic that gave you so many memories is amazing. But I can’t live without ever being able to read new books. The thing that draws me to books is discovering new lands and meeting more people. Books bring me so much joy and I could never live knowing that I will never be able to read a new book again. Passing a book store or hearing about a new amazing book would be complete agony. No, I have to be able to read new books. 

8) Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?
Being a librarian is actually my back-up job but I have an amazing idea for a book store/coffee shop. It would be two story and the bottom part would be a cafe with comfy chairs and lounges. There would be a black spiralling staircase to get upstairs where there would be aisles and aisles of books. And it would be called “Turn the Page”. 

9) Would you rather only read your favourite genre or every genre but your favourite?
I don’t actually have a favourite genre so I guess every genre but because then I can read everything and anything my heart desires. 

10) Would you rather read only physical books or ebooks?
There is something I quite like about ebooks actually. They are so easy to use and to handle and you can get so many books on them a lot cheaper. But I love to be able to buy books and display them on my bookshelf. I would have to say physical books. I can’t live without them. 

Okay so that is it for the would you rather book tag. My Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune booktalk will be coming soon (hopefully tomorrow) as will my TRXYE review. Thanks for reading and stuff.

Signing off, Charlie 



The book cake tag

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Okay so this is going to be the book cake tag where the questions all have a part of a cake as their main heading. So basically they’re just book related questions that happen to have cake in the mix (no pun intended) to make you feel hungry. Okay on that stomach-grumbling note lets get to it. 

1) FLOUR: A book that was really slow to start but picked up as it went along
I would have to say Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Battle of the Labyrinth. I don’t kno5169728w whether it was slow in it’s plot or I just wasn’t in the mood but I really couldn’t get into this book. I started reading it after marathoning it with the others but had to put it down and didn’t start reading it again until a couple of months later. Once I got through it that time I actually loved it and it is now one of my favourite books in the series. So yeah it was Battle of the Labyrinth for me. 

2) MARGARINE: A book that has a really rich and great plot
Okay so, quite obviously, for this question I am going to be obliged to pick Harry Potter. harry-potter7The thought and detail in that series is immense. Every little thing ties in together with the bigger story and spanning over seven books the plot just thickens and thickens. Every time I re-read Harry Potter it is so easy to sink into the world and forget the fact that I am not actually there. I sink it the story just as my knife sinks into margarine (see what I did there). Harry Potter will always be one the most amazing books I’ve read and the incredibly detailed plot will be part of that reason. 

3) EGGS: A book that you thought was going to be bad but turned out to be quite good
Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews. If you’ve seen my last post you’ll know that this series is in my list of top five books that I think everyone should read. At first though when my Mum suggested it too me I wasn’t that keen on the idea. Because it’s a very old book I thoughtDollanganger01_FlowersInTheAttic it would be very boring but I loved it! It is probably one of my favourite series of all time. I really enjoyed it, the storyline was great, the characters were incredible and the underlining themes were handled very well. If you read this series or seen my post you’ll know that this series deals with incest. Instead of handling it in a very grotesque and shameful way it handles it very delicately, like there is more the story than what people see. Flowers in the Attic was really good and I am so glad I decided to see it through and not give up on it.

4) SUGAR: A sugary/sweet book
For this I would have to say Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. It was the first book of he15745753rs I read and I just fell in love with it. The characters were really interesting to read about and I love the storyline about Eleanor’s tragic past and family because that really gave new meaning to the story. I absolutely hated the ending but this book is probably my favourite of Rainbow Rowell’s novels. The romance between Eleanor and Park was so adorable that while I was reading it I could not stop smiling and at one point I actually thought I might have been having a heart attack of joy. Eleanor and Park is definitely one of the sweetest stories I’ve read. 

5) ICING: A book covering every element you enjoy
I would actually have to say The Mortal Instruments series. It had everything I really love cityofheavenlyfirein a book: romance, comedy, magic, funny side characters, kick-ass women and of course Magnus Bane. I loved that it was fantasy-ish and had that magic element as well as the Shadowhunters who are, of course, amazing. I also really like the comedy that’s in it, especially coming from Jace. You don’t see a lot of funny YA novels around that much so it was really refreshing to read. I also love having kick-ass female warriors like Clary and Izzy (who is one of my favourite female characters of all time). They add really interesting elements to the story that co-inside perfectly with the plot. TMI just had everything that I love in a book. 

6) ICING: A book series that you can turn to for a little pick-me-up when you’re feeling down
For this question I’m going to have to answer with Harry Potter again. The Harry Potter harry-potter7books have always been special to me and were actually the series that got me into reading like I do now. It’s one of my favourite series of all time and will always have a special place in my heart. The world is one I can so easily get lost in so when I’m feeling down I can just slip away to Hogwarts and become someone else for a while. Books have always had this affect on me but this series more than anything else. Harry Potter will always be able to pull me out of a miserable time. 

7) A CHERRY ON TOP: Favourite book of the year so far
City of Heavenly fire hands down. TMI is one of my favourite series and the final book ficityofheavenlyfirenally came out this year. It was one of the best in the series and I loved every minute of it. This year has actually been a pretty slow reading year for me because I’m getting loads of homework and not getting that much time to read but I sped through this book so fast. I loved every single second of it and I am so disappointed that it’s finished. This world was one that I loved to live in and COHF was definitely the highlight book of the year. It made me cry so much and ripped my soul into a million pieces but I loved it non-the-less. 

Okay so that is it for the book cake tag. I hope you enjoyed it and had some similar views as me (it’s always nice when that happens). Tell me down in the comments what your answers are and I’ll be sure to reply to them all. I’m reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell at the moment and will be finished soon so keep an eye out for my booktalk.

Signing off, Charlie

5 Books that everyone should read

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Okay so there are a few books/series that are less well known so they get less publicity, but I think everyone should read them. Alright so here are the five:

1) Anna Dressed in Blood duo by Kendare Blake
Okay so this “series” is only two books but it is one of my favourites. It’s about a ghost hunter calledAnna-Dressed-in-Blood-Kendare-Blake Cas who meets a ghost called Anna who tries to hurt everyone but him. If you are looking to get into the horror/thriller genre I highly recommend this book. It was really fast paced and is great to get you out of a book reading slump. It’s also incredibly easy to marathon because there are only two books in the series. The characters are really funny and sweet and to be honest it reminded me of Supernatural a lot (which, if you’ve been paying attention at all, will know is my favourite show). The writing style is really cool and Kendare Blake creates really awesome characters who we actually get to learn quite a bit about. It is a duo I highly recommend. 

2) The Storyteller by Jodi Piccoult
This is a stan15753740d-alone novel about WWII and it is honestly one of the best stand-alone’s I have ever read. It goes through a lot of different characters lives and centres mainly on one woman, Sage, and her grandmother, Minka. During the novel Minka tells her story about war and what it was like in the ghetto and the concentration camp and the descriptions are so intense and the writing so amazing it made me feel like I was there myself. I did a booktalk on this which I will link at the bottom. I highly recommend for anyone and everyone but I suggest you be mature enough to handle it because it can get quite overwhelming stuff like it did really happen. It is one of my favourite stand-alone’s though and I think everyone should read it. 

3) Flowers in the Attic series by Virginia Andrews (also known as V.C.Andrews)
This quartet of books touches on some very controversial issues making it one of the most talked about books of its time and continues to be the subject of much debate to this day. Flowers in the Attic cenDollanganger01_FlowersInTheAttictres around four children who are forced to be locked away in an attic for the sake of the family fortune. I don’t want to tell you too much because it is best to go into it blind but you must be a mature reader. It touches upon issues such as incest, psychological and physical abuse and parental neglect. Make sure that you are ready to deal with these subjects before you begin to read it. It is really amazing though and even though by the third book the quality was dropping a bit, I loved it right to the end. It remains to be one of my favourite series and I highly recommend it for anyone (as long as they are mature readers) and I really think you should all pick it up.

4) Airhead trilogy by Meg Cabot
This is a trilogy that is one of the least known trilogies probably ever. It centres around a girl called Em44644_airhead who has an accident and has to have her brain transplanted into a supermodels body. It was really good and there was actually a big mystery component to the series. It was also pretty funny and really adorable with the interactions with the main love interest. The characters are very interesting in this book which made it even more interesting. Now the cover does look quite baby-ish but I promise you it is a really good book…. They just made a really bad cover colour choice. Everyone should really read it, It is unlike anything else I’ve ever read. I strongly recommend for the readers who love mystery but are also really into cute love stories. 

5) Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult
I know, I know, there’s already a Jodi Piccoult book on this list. She is just such a fabulous author I had to put two of her books. Now this stand-alone stuck in my mind for so long that every now and thennineteen-minutes_book-review I still intensely think and philosophise about it. Nineteen Minutes is about a young high school student who goes into his school and starts shooting. It is told from a lot of different POV’s but that just makes it even more interesting. We ever get to read the story from the young boys perspective. It follows his court case and the lives of the people entwined in his horrific act. The really amazing thing about this book is that it actually makes you sympathise with the killer, which is something I never thought I would do. It deals with this really horrid issue in quite a realistic way so you should definitely be a very mature reader if you are thinking about picking this up. I highly recommend for anyone though. It was, and remains to be, one of my favourite stand-alone novels.

So they are the five books/series that I think everyone should read. Here’s the link to my storyteller booktalk: https://fandomsontherun.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/booktalk-with-charlie/

Signing off, Charlie 

Character Book Tag

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So my last blog post was a character TV show tag so today I’m going to do the same tag but for book characters. Once again I originally saw this tag on Bookishrebels blog page which I’ll link at the bottom. Okay so here we go:

1) Best kick-ass character: Hermione
Okay for this question I would have to say Hermione from the Harry Potter series. She was so smart and brave and was incredibly awesome at everything. She was so kick-ass at everything she did and she always seemed to save Harry and Ron. I could always relate to Hermione as a character, even though I myself and not so kick-ass. She is one of my favourite characters of all time and is definitely the best kick-ass character.

2) Which character do you most dislike:
Hmm lets think about this………. UMBRIDGE!! Absolutely 100% Umbridge. She always has aProfessor-Umbridge-dolores-umbridge-31119298-1009-1135lways been and will always be my most hated character out of anyone EVER!  She was so infuriating and made me so angry every time I read about her. The way she acted all sweet and innocent and looked really nice made her characters dark insides even more frustrating. She really is the worst character in the world and I will always think so.

3) If you could date any fictional character who would it be and why?
This is such a tough question because there are so many characters that I love. I would, tShadowhunter-Tarot-Cards-jace-wayland-33875251-600-1033hough, have to say Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments series. He was the first fictional character that I properly obsessed over marrying and stuff. On top of having a face like a God, Jace is such a sweet person who really cares about his friends and family. He would sacrifice everything for them and that’s a trait I really admire. He also has a wicked sense of humour and that’s really important to me. So yeah fictional boyfriend: Jace.

4) If you could change a character in any way what would it be:
I would change a personal trait in Carmel from the Anna Dressed in Blood duo. In Girl of Nightmares (the second book) she was really cruel to Thomas and I would change that about her. I would make her not be really cruel to him and have them fall in love instead so my ship would be cannon faster.

5) What character, to you, made all the wrong decisions and didn’t add anything to the plot:
I would have to say Jessamine Lovelace from the Infernal Devices series. Although I really liked her character she made all the wrong choices possible and didn’t really add anything to the storyline. Her characters background and personality was vague and we didn’t really get much Jessie in the books. Although I loved her she didn’t really add anything.

6) Which character was the best villain whom you love to hate:
For this I would say Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. She was such a fun villaHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Princein to be aggrivated with and I loved to read about her and build upon the hate I felt. She was such a crazy character and that was really different from having very sensible characters in the rest of the series. I really loved Bellatrix and I loved to hate her too.

7) Favourite side-kick character with the most heart:
For this I would have to say Darija from the Storyteller by Jodi Piccoult. Darija was such a sweet character and was a great friend to Minka. I think she added so much to the storyline and ended up being my favourite character. The book was fantastic and Darija added to that fantabulism a lot.

8) Favourite fictional romance:
Ahh this is such a hard question! I love so many romances between characters. I
would have to say though that it would be one of my OTP’s: Romione. For those of 554388_440223162669359_283304009_nyou not in the shipping community 1. what are you doing with you life? And 2. Romione is the name for Ron and Hermione. I love their romance so much, I thought it was built up really well during the series especially starting in Prisoner of Azkaban. I loved their kiss in the Deathly Hallows part 2 and this is one ship that I’ve loved since the beginning that has actually become cannon.

9) What character did you think was the strongest?
For this question I would say both Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace from thelarge Fault in Our Stars. Having cancer must be one of the worst things in the world and they managed to get by with their disease. They were both so strong in life not letting things get in the way of really living. They were both incredibly strong to be aware that death was just around the corner but to be able to live properly. Augustus was really strong in telling Hazel that he lit up like a Christmas tree and Hazel was strong at the end of the book by being ready to die and letting herself give up just that little bit with living. They are the strongest characters I’ve ever read and probably will ever read.

10) Favourite protagonist:
My favourite protagonist is either Harry Potter or Tris Prior. They are both amazing characters and are the best protagonists I have ever read. They are both so strong and care so much for their families and friends that they are willing to sacrifice everything they have for them. I’ve been trying to decide who to pick for this question but I’m going with both. They are both my favourite protagonists and I can’t pick between them.






Okay so that is the book character tag. I will post my Attachments book talk sometime in the next week. Here is the link to the Bookish Rebels tag: http://bookishrebels.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/the-characte-book-tag/
Before I go I would just like to say happy Croatoan day! For those of you who don’t watch Supernatural and have no idea what I’m talking about, in season five Dean went to the future, to 1st August 2014 and everyone was infected with a Croatoan virus. So yeah that day is today.

Signing off, Charlie