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So for the past two weeks I have been in Florida having a family holiday at Disney World! I had the most amazing time there but now that I’m back I figure I owe you a blog post. So today I’m going to do the character TV show tag, which I first saw on the BookishRebels blog page which I’ll link at the end. So, here we go.

1) Who is the best kick-ass character:
For this question I would have to say Emma from Once Upon a Time (OUAT). She is suchonceuponatime_season3_emma a strong female character and the way she can whip a sword is awesome. Emma is one of my favourite female characters and even though she’s in a cannon ship I hate (Captain Swan), she is still a kick-ass character.

2) Character you most hate:
This question is too easy. The character I hate most is Big Jim from Under the Domebigjim. He is so infuriating and he tried to kill my favourite character. Repeatedly. He aggravates me so much that sometimes I think I will explode from the intense hate I feel for him. Big Jim is, and will always be, my most hated character.

3) If you could date any character from any TV show, who would it be and why?
This question is very easy to answer as well. It would have to be Dean Winchester from Supernatural. If you saw my favourite TV shows post you’ll know that Supern179104_600atural is at the top of that list. Dean Winchester is one of my favourite characters of all time and, as well as being so good-looking I might faint, there is so much depth to his character. He’s funny and charming but also dark and mysterious. I think he is the character that needs to be loved the most. I love Dean Winchester and I would absolutely love to date him.

4) If you could change a character in any way what would it be?
I honestly don’t think I would change any characters in any way. The way that they are makes them, them and it makes the show what it is. For this question I’ll have to pass.

5) What character, to you, made all the wrong choices and didn’t add anything to the plot?
I’m going to have to say Tina from Glee. I used to love Glee when it was first on but now I TINAhate it. Tina added absolutely nothing to the storyline in every season and when she finally came into it a bit she still added nothing but was just really annoying as well. She just got on my nerves a lot and didn’t really need to be there.




6) Which character was the best villain that you love to hate?
Another Glee character for this question and that is Sue Sylvester. She was one villdownloadain who I hated but loved to be able to hate. For this question I was actually considering Crowley or Lucifer from Supernatural but I don’t hate either of them at all so I’m picking Sue. She was so much fun to be annoyed with and her funny quirks made her that much more lovable to hate.



7) Favourite side-kick character with the most heart:
For this one I’m going to say Carlton from the Fresh Prince. He was such a lovable ccarltonharacter and he cared a lot about the people he loved, especially Will. Carlton is so funny and is a character I love to watch. He is definitely on my list of favourite characters and as a side-kick he is pretty awesome.



8) What is your favourite fictional romantic relationship:
Destiel without a doubt. They are my top OTP. I love the chemistry they hadestiel___stay_by_danglingthpider-d6turpbve and the secret looks they give each other now and then. Even though the romance isn’t cannon all Supernatural fans can see that they are meant to be together. Destiel is my absolute favourite ship of all time. The way they act around each other and their strange and forbidden love makes for an awesome story-line. I love the romance they have for each other. Destiel is my number 1 pick.


9) What character did you think was the strongest?
I think Joe from Under the Dome is a very strong character. After the dome came downimages he was so strong about being separated from his parents and his sister going missing. Now in season 2 *SPOILER ALERT* Angie is dead and he still finds a way to carry on. He is the strongest character in the series I think and one of my favourites. 
10) Best Protagonist:
For this answer I have two people: Sam and Dean Winchester. They are both the protagonists of Supernatural and without one of them the show couldn’t run the same as itumblr_mkicyck44m1ritkxso1_1280t does now. Sam and Dean are both strong characters that add so much to the story line. They are funny and strong as well as being protective of each other. The way they would do anything for the other makes me put them both as the protagonists. I love both of them and being as close as they are one cannot be the protagonist without the other. 
So that concludes the Character TV show tag. I’ll link the original one I saw at the bottom. I’ll be doing another tag like this soon but with book characters so keep an eye out for it. 
Signing off, Charlie. 
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