Top 5 favourite TV shows

Hi there,
Okay so I’m still trying to collect my thought of CoHF but I promise you that booktalk by the end of the week. Instead I thought I would list for you my top 5 favourite TV shows. Some of these are very well known but others are scarcer to come by. Okay lets go.

1) Supernatural. As you probably might already know I am a huge fan of Supernatural. I only discovered this TV show at the end of July last year but it has become such a big part of my life since then. The season 9 final that was on a few weeks ago broke all my feels but I loved it all the same. I cannot wait for season 10.

2) FRIENDS. Okay so a lot of people love FRIENDS but I would be seriously surprised if anyone watched it as religiously as my family does. We watch at least 1 episode a night and I think I’ve watched the entire series so many times I could act it out for you. I discovered this TV show in the beginning of July 2012 and have been avidly watching it ever since.

3) Once Upon a Time. Alright a bit of a less known show, OUAT has been one of my favourites since it came on TV a couple of years ago. The quality of the show has degraded slightly as the seasons have gone on and my favourite ship was broken apart but I still love it and it still remains a favourite of mine.

4) Under the Dome. Okay so this TV show only came out last year and has only had one season but it is my fourth favourite. It is seriously amazing, I cannot get enough of it. The characters are awesome and the storyline is really good. It’s based on a book by Stephen King (that I still have to read) and I can’t wait for season 2 in a couple of weeks. It is a really awesome TV show and season 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger.

5) Miranda and Grimm. Alright I can’t decide out of the two of these which one I like better. Miranda is a hilarious comedy about a women called Miranda trying to navigate life. It never fails to make me laugh and the main character is hilarious in everything she does. Grimm is about a detective called Nick who discovers he is a Grimm (a person who can see weird creature-y things that people are). They are both really amazing and I cannot choose between them. I love them both and cannot wait for their new seasons (they both ended on cliffhangers).

Okay so that’s it for todays blog post. I will have my CoHF booktalk soon.
Signing off, Charlie



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