City of Heavenly Fire

Hi there,
In just three very short days City of Heavenly Fire is going to be released! I am super excited for this book as it marks the end of one of my favourite series. I’ll be writing a review on the book once I’ve read it, but I thought today I would share some of my theories with you guys. If you haven’t read all of Cassandra Clare’s books, so the Infernal Devices series as well, there will be spoilers. Also I will be discussing the teasers Cassandra Clare gave us so if you don’t know them don’t read on. Okay lets begin.

Theory 1:
In the book trailer for CoHF there was a quote from Romeo and Juliet saying “and they die like fire and powder”. Everyone knows that Jace has the heavenly fire in him and Jem is addicted to the Yin Fen powder. So my theory is that they both die. I hope this theory fails but it is a theory non-the-less.

Theory 2:
Contradictory to to the first theory, Jace transfers his heavenly fire into Jem, killing the Yin Fen addiction. Therefore they both live. Cassandra Clare said that one boyfriend dies and as Jace and Jem are both boyfriends maybe they both can’t die.

Theory 3:
Izzy is not Roberts child. In City of Lost Souls Izzy said that she wished she had her parents blue eyes instead of her black ones, leading me to the conclusion that they both have blue eyes. I learnt that blue is a recessive gene so two blues make a blue. She has black eyes and who else has black eyes? That’s right, Valentine. Maryse said that she always felt she had a strong connection to Valentine so maybe they had an affair. Also Valentine might have purposely impregnated her to inject more blood into a baby.

Theory 4:
Izzy becomes an Iron Sister. In Lost Souls when they went to visit the Iron City they told Izzy she would make a great Iron Sister. I feel like that quote can’t have been in there for no reason so maybe she leaves Shadowhunting and becomes an Iron Sister.

Theory 5:
More on the previous theory, a teaser says that Izzy and Simon are saying goodbye. Izzy is wearing a dark cloak in this scene so maybe she is leaving for the Iron City.

Theory 6:
Cassandra Clare said Jace and Clary “kind of” get married. I have three possibilities lined up for this theory. The first is that Jace dies and the book ends with Clary marrying someone else but still thinking of Jace. The second is that Clary dies and Jace marries (not likely). And the third is that they become engaged.

Theory 7:
Sebastian is stabbed with the sword but doesn’t die because there is actually more good in him than there is evil.

Theory 8:
Magnus gives up his immortality to stay with Alec or Alec becomes a vampire to stay with Magnus.

Theory 9:
At the end of Lost Souls Maureen says that she killed Camille Belcourt. I do not think this is true. Camille is one of the fiercest vampires she would not have been killed by a new born.

Theory 10:
Another reason to think Jace dies is that in the Dark Artifices blurb it is said that Emma Carstairs is the greatest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood. SINCE!

Theory 11:
There is as teaser saying “she had always been fascinated by Shadowhunter’s but had never been able to stand one for more than five minutes. Until Sebastian”. SEBASTIAN! I have three possibilities for this too. First someone falls in love with Sebastian so maybe he is cured. Second they are talking about the real Sebastian. Sebastian before this Sebastian killed him and became Sebastian. And third it is Maureen saying it to crazy psycho Sebastian.

Theory 12:
In another teaser it says “He has always had green eyes, said the voice in her head. People often marvel at how much alike you are, he and your mother and yourself. His name is Jonathan and he is your brother; he has always protected you. Somewhere in the back of Clary’s mind she saw black eyes and whip marks, but she didn’t know why. He’s your brother. He’s your brother, and he’s always taken care of you.” The theory behind this is that either Clary’s mind is blocked again and she has a false memory of a good brother or Sebastian is cured OR she has a different brother she didn’t know about.

Theory 13:
In another teaser it says “he kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last”. I think the five words are I love you and then a name. As too who says them I have no idea. 

Theory 14:
Once again in another teaser Magnus says “they’re dead. They’re all dead”. This could be referring to the Clave, Vampires, Warlocks, Faeries, Werewolves or a group of people who were doing something to get Sebastian.

Okay that’s all for my theories. There are supposed to be six character deaths but I’ve been trying for months to theorise on the six but I have no idea.
Well that’s all for now. See you when City of Heavenly Fire comes out.

Signing off, Charlie


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