I went to see a play

Hi there,
So today as part of my schools drama program I went to see a state theatre production of a play called Neighbourhood Watch. It focusses on an old woman called Ana and the woman who played Ana was Miriam Margolyes! She is Professor Sprout from Harry Potter! I was in the same room as an actress from one of my favourite movie franchises!!! I BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS HER!!! It was so awesome and the play was actually really good. It was funny and light hearted and everyone really enjoyed it. There was a really adorable guy playing the man called Ken and he was so adorably cute that my feels were just exploding all over the place. Have any of you ever seen a production at the theatre? If so, what did you watch and did you enjoy it?
That’s really all for today.

Signing off, Charlie


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