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City of Heavenly Fire

Hi there,
In just three very short days City of Heavenly Fire is going to be released! I am super excited for this book as it marks the end of one of my favourite series. I’ll be writing a review on the book once I’ve read it, but I thought today I would share some of my theories with you guys. If you haven’t read all of Cassandra Clare’s books, so the Infernal Devices series as well, there will be spoilers. Also I will be discussing the teasers Cassandra Clare gave us so if you don’t know them don’t read on. Okay lets begin.

Theory 1:
In the book trailer for CoHF there was a quote from Romeo and Juliet saying “and they die like fire and powder”. Everyone knows that Jace has the heavenly fire in him and Jem is addicted to the Yin Fen powder. So my theory is that they both die. I hope this theory fails but it is a theory non-the-less.

Theory 2:
Contradictory to to the first theory, Jace transfers his heavenly fire into Jem, killing the Yin Fen addiction. Therefore they both live. Cassandra Clare said that one boyfriend dies and as Jace and Jem are both boyfriends maybe they both can’t die.

Theory 3:
Izzy is not Roberts child. In City of Lost Souls Izzy said that she wished she had her parents blue eyes instead of her black ones, leading me to the conclusion that they both have blue eyes. I learnt that blue is a recessive gene so two blues make a blue. She has black eyes and who else has black eyes? That’s right, Valentine. Maryse said that she always felt she had a strong connection to Valentine so maybe they had an affair. Also Valentine might have purposely impregnated her to inject more blood into a baby.

Theory 4:
Izzy becomes an Iron Sister. In Lost Souls when they went to visit the Iron City they told Izzy she would make a great Iron Sister. I feel like that quote can’t have been in there for no reason so maybe she leaves Shadowhunting and becomes an Iron Sister.

Theory 5:
More on the previous theory, a teaser says that Izzy and Simon are saying goodbye. Izzy is wearing a dark cloak in this scene so maybe she is leaving for the Iron City.

Theory 6:
Cassandra Clare said Jace and Clary “kind of” get married. I have three possibilities lined up for this theory. The first is that Jace dies and the book ends with Clary marrying someone else but still thinking of Jace. The second is that Clary dies and Jace marries (not likely). And the third is that they become engaged.

Theory 7:
Sebastian is stabbed with the sword but doesn’t die because there is actually more good in him than there is evil.

Theory 8:
Magnus gives up his immortality to stay with Alec or Alec becomes a vampire to stay with Magnus.

Theory 9:
At the end of Lost Souls Maureen says that she killed Camille Belcourt. I do not think this is true. Camille is one of the fiercest vampires she would not have been killed by a new born.

Theory 10:
Another reason to think Jace dies is that in the Dark Artifices blurb it is said that Emma Carstairs is the greatest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood. SINCE!

Theory 11:
There is as teaser saying “she had always been fascinated by Shadowhunter’s but had never been able to stand one for more than five minutes. Until Sebastian”. SEBASTIAN! I have three possibilities for this too. First someone falls in love with Sebastian so maybe he is cured. Second they are talking about the real Sebastian. Sebastian before this Sebastian killed him and became Sebastian. And third it is Maureen saying it to crazy psycho Sebastian.

Theory 12:
In another teaser it says “He has always had green eyes, said the voice in her head. People often marvel at how much alike you are, he and your mother and yourself. His name is Jonathan and he is your brother; he has always protected you. Somewhere in the back of Clary’s mind she saw black eyes and whip marks, but she didn’t know why. He’s your brother. He’s your brother, and he’s always taken care of you.” The theory behind this is that either Clary’s mind is blocked again and she has a false memory of a good brother or Sebastian is cured OR she has a different brother she didn’t know about.

Theory 13:
In another teaser it says “he kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last”. I think the five words are I love you and then a name. As too who says them I have no idea. 

Theory 14:
Once again in another teaser Magnus says “they’re dead. They’re all dead”. This could be referring to the Clave, Vampires, Warlocks, Faeries, Werewolves or a group of people who were doing something to get Sebastian.

Okay that’s all for my theories. There are supposed to be six character deaths but I’ve been trying for months to theorise on the six but I have no idea.
Well that’s all for now. See you when City of Heavenly Fire comes out.

Signing off, Charlie

I went to see a play

Hi there,
So today as part of my schools drama program I went to see a state theatre production of a play called Neighbourhood Watch. It focusses on an old woman called Ana and the woman who played Ana was Miriam Margolyes! She is Professor Sprout from Harry Potter! I was in the same room as an actress from one of my favourite movie franchises!!! I BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS HER!!! It was so awesome and the play was actually really good. It was funny and light hearted and everyone really enjoyed it. There was a really adorable guy playing the man called Ken and he was so adorably cute that my feels were just exploding all over the place. Have any of you ever seen a production at the theatre? If so, what did you watch and did you enjoy it?
That’s really all for today.

Signing off, Charlie


Hi there,
This is going to be a  post about my favourite TV show Supernatural. I discovered Supernatural through tumblr in late July last year and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I’ve gone on so many adventures with the Winchesters and felt the stabbing pain of losing friends. For those who don’t know (shame on you) Supernatural is about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, who are hunters; meaning they hunt monsters. The series follows them on their hunting journey as they encounter many monsters, lose loved ones and fight for the worlds survival. In this blog post there will be spoilers so if you haven’t watched all the seasons and don’t want to be spoiled I’d suggest you leave.

Okay for those who have stayed congratulations you watch the best show in the world! We can now be best friends. Okay so season 3 and 5 of Supernatural are my favourite seasons because they contain the best plot lines. In season three they are battling to erase the deal that Dean made with a Crossroads demon that leaves him with one year to live, and in season 5 they are trying to stop Lillith from breaking the 66 seals that seal Lucifer in his cage. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse episodes are some of the best in the series. I loved Famine’s story and Death was just awesome. The actor that played Death is seriously perfect. These two season finals were the most heartbreaking for me. When Dean was dragged to hell by Hell Hounds I couldn’t stop crying. In that moment I was Sam, I felt the pain of losing Dean and as I cried I cried Sam’s tears alongside my own. In season 5 when Sam was dragged to hell I was Dean. I felt his sadness at having lost the person that meant the most to him. I felt his pain at having to move on and start a new life with Lisa and Ben.
Dean is my favourite of the two brothers as he is to most people. Jensen Ackles is one of the best actors I have ever seen. The amount of emotion he shows in scenes is incredible. Sometimes after shooting a scene he actually has to walk away and be by himself because he was so wrapped up in the pain of his character. My other favourite characters include Charlie and Castiel. Cas is so amazingly adorable and he is really sweet. I am a hardcore Destiel shipper and no matter what happens I will go down with this ship! Charlie is also incredibly awesome. She is just so much like me! She loves the same dorky stuff that I do and she is just so much fun. She is a really awesome character and I think it’s cool that she is a non-stereotypical lesbian character. Bobby is another one of my favourite characters. He is so hilarious and I cried so much in his death episode. It was so upsetting to see the one father figure they had, die so tragically. Thats the same for Ellen and Jo as well. I started off not liking Jo but as the seasons went on I couldn’t help falling in love with her. Right in time for her to die alongside her mother.
The Supernatural fandom is one of the best fandoms in the world. We make up so much stuff about the show and have taken over tumblr by posting a gif on every single text and picture post. The fandom just decided that Destiel was a thing and that Chuck (the original prophet and author of the books) is God. It never said anywhere in any of the seasons that Chuck was God but it doesn’t seem to matter to the fandom. To them (including me) Chuck is God.
I am currently on season 9 of Supernatural and I’m really sad because season 10 is the final season. No more Supernatural ever. I feel like I’ve only just found it and now it’s being taken away from me. It’s not fair that I have to live without it. I hope in the end Destiel becomes canon and that Dean doesn’t die. Someone will die in the end but who it is I don’t know. My thought is that Sam will die and Dean and Cas will start their life together free from hunting. Thats what I hope anyway.

Well thats really all I had to say for today.
Signing off, Charlie

Divergent movie review

Hi there,
So my movie review that I filmed is being persistent in not uploading so I thought I’m going to just write to you what I said on it. I’ve split the review into non-spoilers and spoilers so don’t see the spoilers if you haven’t seen this incredible movie yet. In the spoiler section I will be making reference to the changes in the book so just be aware of that. So here’s my review on the amazing movie of Divergent.

I’ve seen Divergent twice now and both times I was amazed at just how amazing it was. I felt like I was right there next to Tris as she went along her journey. The scenes were done so well and the cast was amazing. Theo James, the actor who plays Four, is English which I didn’t know. He did an excellent job of putting on an English accent. Shailene Woodley was the perfect Tris. She just was Tris. She could evoke emotions so quickly. You could tell what she was feeling just by looking at her face. The movie gave me such as rush and made me want to live in their world. After it was done I ran to McDonalds with my friends and as we crossed the road I yelled out “Dauntless baby”! It just made me want to do what the Dauntless did, to live as they live. It truly was an incredible movie and if it doesn’t win an award I’m going to be very mad! If you haven’t seen the movie yet turn away because spoilers are coming up.

The film opens up with a sky view of the crumbling city. In the corner on the ground they had written Chicago which spoiled Allegiant a bit because you weren’t supposed to know that it was Chicago. Then we have a monologue from Tris which was really good and she explained the faction system. It went through each faction and showed their symbol in such a creative way! For Erudite it was zoomed into a persons eye, for Amity it showed a tree and for Abnegation they showed the people holding hands. I loved that they showed the faction symbols in such a creative way instead of just having them on the screen.
Then we see Tris as a little Abnegation girl running with the Dauntless. Because she wanted to be a Dauntless. Then it cut to her sitting in a chair as her mother cut her hair (that rhymed). She was looking in the mirror and her mother was asking her if she was nervous. I loved this scene because it gave us the first look as how Edith Prior was and how much she loved her daughter and wanted her to feel safe.
The next scene was the aptitude test scene. This was one of my favourite scenes in the book and the movie did it quite well. The aptitude test was shorter than it was the book but it was done well. This scene was were we first meet Tori. I love Tori in the book but her character wasn’t shown much in the movie which really irritated me. Tris drank the serum and was in the same room but there were all these mirrors. We then see another Tris come up to her and say “choose” and then signal to the bowls. In the book it’s just a voice but I liked that it was Tris is the movie because it was one mirrored reflection of herself that was saying that. Then Tris, obviously, defied the command and had nothing the fight the dog with. In the book she gets down on all fours and tames it but in the movie she gets down and it turns into a puppy. I actually liked that it turned into a puppy because it showed her Divergence more. It showed that she could change things with her mind that she wasn’t supposed to. She then sees her younger self and the dog changes back and chases it. Tris runs and jumps on the dog and then comes back to reality, where Tori tells her she’s Divergent and sends her home. Tris seemed very annoyed in the movie that the test didn’t tell her what to do which surprised me because if it was me I would be more surprised to find out I was something called a Divergent.
After the test we see their home in the Abnegation compound. The houses were a lot plainer than I imagined. They were just plain square grey houses whereas I imagined them as normal houses filled with things. My imagination was obviously wrong in this instants. Anyway, we see Tris living unhappily in her plain life and get the first feel for what it’s like to be an Abnegation.
Then  it comes to the choosing ceremony. In the choosing ceremony we meet Jeanine Matthews. Kate Winslet portrayed Jeanine and she was perfect for the role. She executed the perfect amounts of evil but at the same time kindness to make you feel conflicted about her character. They went through the list and Caleb was up and he chose Erudite and even though I’d read the book I still felt the sharp stinging pain that he was abandoning his family. Then Tris was up. She wavered for a minute between the bowls and then picked Dauntless. When the choosing ceremony was over and all the Dauntless ran out of the building. Tris ran with them and we could see that she belonged there. She was smiling and looked so happy and free as she ran along beside them. Then they all stop and start to climb poles up to the train tracks and Tris just stands there for a moment. I was sitting in my seat thinking “come on Tris, you don’t want to get left behind.” She didn’t get left behind, of course, and she ran alongside the train and jumped into it like everyone else. Then we meet Christina. Zoe Kravitz was Christina and she was perfect. They had to jump of the train and they were like “together” and I just died from all the feels.
Then it comes time to enter the compound. Their all standing around and Eric goes “whose gonna jump first” and I was like “Tris! Tris is gonna be first”. She jumped and then we meet Four *sigh full of longing*. The way they met wasn’t as weird as it looked in the trailer. He asks her name and she stalls for a second so he says “is it a hard one?” That line made me laugh so inappropriately. It wasn’t even that funny. Then she says her names Tris and we cut to when everyone has jumped. Dauntless born go with Lauren (I think) and transfers stay with Four. He shows the compound and we get our first look at Dauntless life. He shows them where they will live and if it was me I would feel so uncomfortable. The dorms are unisex and the toilets and showers are all open.
Then we had the training. After the initial training we had a monologue type thing of Tris training alone and getting better. So we had her running and fighting and shooting the guns. We also saw her throwing the knives and I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have the scene where she just practices first she was just immediately good at it. That scene was amazing though and it included the knife throwing scene with Four which is one of my favourite scenes. Al was standing there and I could see the thought forming in Tris’ head and then she just called out “stop! Anyone can stand in front of a board it doesn’t prove anything”. And then she had to stand there and Four threw the knives and it was just so amazing. Then he nicked her ear and you can see the emotions start to boil over but she held them in to maintain her dignity which showed such strength in her character.
The fight scene with Peter was really emotional. She was just getting thrown down so much and then we saw Four walking away from her perspective and all the feels were flying! Then she gets knocked out and wakes up days later and finds out she was cut. I was sad when they told her she was cut because she looked so sad. Then they’re on the train and Tris comes running up and Four helps her on the train and then Eric says “who let you out?” And Tris just goes “I did”. Oh it was so good!
Then we have the capture the flag scene. This is one of my favourite scenes in both book and film. They made it more of a war game in the film whereas in the book that wasn’t explained as much. Tris and Four climbing the Ferris wheel was so adorable I thought I would die! It was so funny when Four said “are you even human Tris?” Then they spot the flag and there was the war scene when they’re all shooting at each other. That was a really good scene and Tris gets the flag. I liked how Christina didn’t steal the flag off of her like she did the book, she just held it up with Tris.
Then Tris went zip-lining. This was my absolute most favourite scene in the film. It was done so incredibly well. I thought it would zoom past that scene really fast but I felt like I was riding it. We see Tris fly through all these buildings and it just made me feel like I was Tris in that moment. What I don’t understand is why the brake is right by your back so it’s hard to reach. Like I know they’re Dauntless but still! I spotted Veronica Roth in the scene which was awesome. I think the guy who invited her zip-lining might have been Zeke but I’m not sure.
Next is the scene when Tris was attacked, and this scene was really stressful for me. Peter was one of her attackers in the book but it didn’t show him so I didn’t hate movie Peter as much as I did book Peter. We did see Al though and I felt so much disgust for him in that moment. But Four came to the rescue and she stayed with him. Then the next day when she’s eating with Christina Al comes up to her and I was just thinking “How dare you! How dare you talk to her!” But Tris said it all herself when she said “If you ever come near me again I will kill you!” The emotion in her face was so powerful and so sad that I felt so many feels. Then Al killed himself which actually annoyed me. He killed himself and then Tris thought it was her fault. How selfish can you be! Then Four found out she was Divergent and took her into his fear landscape. It made a lot more sense in the movie as too why he took her in. In the book he was kind of just like I love you, come see my fears but in the movie it was more like I need to teach you how to do things the Dauntless way, come see my fears. In his fear landscape I felt the fears he was feeling especially in the claustrophobia scene. I would hate to have something compress against me and it was just making me feel disgusting and ugh. His fears were portrayed really well though. I think it’s after that that Tris and Four kiss. That was such a passionate moment and it was so adorable. She saw his tattoo and then they kissed and oh the feels! It was very cute though.
Tris’ end fear landscape didn’t have as many fears in it that than in the book but it was still a really good scene. We had the bird fear and the burning alive fear, then the drowning, the intimacy and shooting her family. We didn’t have the last fear though which was the weird black shapes but I suppose that would’ve been a little tricky to do.
Then after they got into Dauntless they got injected with a serum. She woke up in the middle of the night and everyone was being zombie-like but as she was Divergent it didn’t affect her. I was like “come on Tris follow everyone else, do you want to die?” But she followed what Christina was doing and went through the motions like everyone else. She was trying to find Four and when they were in the carriage she worked her way towards him and he held her hand and it was so romantic. Then we saw him breathe out this big sigh of relief and that was so lovely.
Then they look for her parents together and when they exit Four gets stopped by Eric and he holds a gun to his head and says “tell me if this hurts” and then Tris points her gun and says “why don’t you tell me” and then they’re just locked in this gun stand-off thing. Then she shoots Eric and they escape for like 5 seconds and then are captured. The Tris is taken to be shot and Four to be tested. It is so heartbreaking to see them be pulled away from each other but Four keep looking back at her like he did. With such love and fear in his eyes. Then Tris’ Mum comes and saves her and that was so awesome!
When Tris had to shoot Will I cried. In the book it wasn’t that sad for me but in the film it was. She was just trying so hard to get him to wake up and it was just heartbreaking to watch. It was even sadder when her mum died. But not because she died. Because of Tris’ reaction. Shailene Woodley’s emotion in this scene was so intense that I could feel what she was feeling. She was calling out and you could hear the crack in her voice and it was just so sad.
Eventually she had to leave and she went and found her Dad and Caleb. When she saw Marcus you could see the genuine disgust on her face and I just wanted to punch him. To make him feel the pain he made Four feel for years. They infiltrated Dauntless and that was awesome and when her dad died I wasn’t that sad. I was feeling the emotions that Tris was feeling and she didn’t seem that sad so I wasn’t that sad. It was still sad though.
Then there’s the scene with Tobias when he’s under the serum. It was done so well because we have this whole fight scene and Tris flips him over with her legs and it was just done so well! I loved the moment when she held the gun to her head and said “It’s okay, I love you. I love you, it’s okay.” Then he recognised her and it was just so amazing. Then they fight together and that was awesome.They face Jeanine and make her shut down the program and she refuses but they reject her with the serum so that she had to. Jeanine was so upset that it was shut down but then Tris and Tobias have to run away cause the guards are coming and they have to leave their friends which is really sad.
In the last scene we start with them jumping on the train. Tobias was hanging on the side and Marcus asks for help and I wanted Tobias to leave him there. He didn’t though which sucked. The Tris comes up and is like “I got this” and Tobias says “I know you do” and then scoops her up anyway and holds her. Then we see them on the train and have a last monologue part with Tris and she says how they have no home and will have to start again and her and Tobias are standing together and it’s just so adorable.

So that was it. The amazing movie Divergent. I absolutely adored it from start to finish. For a first movie it was incredible because usually first movies aren’t that good. Divergent was so incredible though that I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Signing off, Charlie.