Booktalk with Charlie (kind of)

Hi there,

So as you know I promised you all a movie review on Noah. Well I’m really sorry to disappoint but I am no longer going through with that. The movie is far too long and complex to write about so I will have to film a review but I can’t upload videos yet! Frustrating I know. When I figure out how to do it I will upload it. Yesterday though I finished This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Grace Earl and it truly was incredible. I can’t really do a booktalk on it because it’s about someones life and so it’s too confusing, but I thought i would share some of my thoughts about the book with you.

Esther Grace Earl was a truly incredible person who battled cancer through for 3 (?) years before her death at age 16. She had only just turned 16 when she passed away in the early hours of the morning in her sleep. The details of her death are not important though as they don’t tell you anything about her amazing life. She was so mature for her  age whilst still being a young girl. She delighted in Harry Potter and was part of an online community called Catitude. She was a big part of the Nerdfighteria community and was loved by everyone. She was outgoing and funny and lived life everyday the best that she could. Esther was loved by everyone that knew her in person and everyone that knew her in spirit. In just the few short 400 odd pages of her book I myself have fallen in love with Esther. Her story is one that should be shared with the world.

Her’s was an extraordinary story that was told in a funny and witty way. It wasn’t a book about cancer it was merely a book that had cancer as a sideline character.

Rest in awesome Esther Grace Earl ❤ We love you xx

Signing off, Charlie