Catching Fire!

Hi there,

Yesterday my Daddy surprised me by buying me The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD so I thought for today’s blog entry I would review it. I just finished watching it a couple of hours a go and oh wow was it good. This movie was probably the best book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. The turkey turning into Marvel when Katniss shot at it was such an amazing scene and really highlighted how much the games affected the tributes. This scene really set the mood for the rest of the movie and drew me into it. District 12 looked really different from the first movie but it was a more accurate representation so I’m not too annoyed at the confusing change. The scene when Katniss talked about Rue brought tears to my eyes alongside the scene when the young girl told Katniss she was going to volunteer. That scene really illustrated how much the games affect future generations and the set-up for their lives. They showed President Snow’s granddaughter in the movie which was something I didn’t think they would do but i welcomed this change as i felt it showed that even the most vile people do have family they care for. The reaping scene was really emotional and i loved the interviews with the tributes. Johanna Mason’s interview made me laugh so much. Jena Malone was the perfect casting for Johanna. I thought she executed her character really well. My favourite scene in the whole movie was when Johanna stripped in the lift. I couldn’t decide who’s face was the best and it made me laugh and made a change from the dark undertones of the film. Katniss’ Mockingjay dress was really beautiful and when the tributes all held hands I found there was a watery residue under my eyes. The games themselves were perfect. Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was exhibited in the scene when she came into the arena and was still crying. That scene was shot weeks after Cinna’s death scene (I cried) and she managed to look as if it had just happened. Sam Claflin was the perfect choice for Finnick and really presented the character in the perfect light. He really showed Finnick’s, for lack of a better word, spunk. Finnick Odair was both funny and heartbreaking. The different horrors for each hour were executed perfectly. The monkey’s were seriously terrifying and the scene with the Jabberjays made my heart ache. Finnick had nail like scratches by his ear which I believe were made by him trying to tear the noise away from his ears. The ending of Catching Fire was perfect. I cried about Peeta being taken (even though I’ve read the books) and Katniss’ outburst wrenched at my feels. The very end though irritated me a little. It had Gale saying “There is no District 12” but then they zoomed into Katniss’ face for five minutes. I hoped he would say that it would cut to Katniss’ eyes and then the screen would go black. The movie was amazing though and Peeta’s character actually had his sarcasm and witticism about him. I felt Peeta grew in this movie and liked seeing him standing up for something for once.

The costumes in Catching Fire were exquisite. Katniss’ Mockingjay dress was one of my favourites and her and Peeta’s reaping clothes were amazing. Peeta looked so good in that cardigan type thing he was wearing. The clothes they wore in the games weren’t as hideous as i had pictured in my head when reading the book. I only have one complaint about the costumes. Finnick’s parade outfit. He was supposed to be wearing almost nothing, and believe me i really wanted to see that, but instead they shove him in this weird straw skirt thing. Excuse me but Finnick is supposed to be naked. Other than that though the costumes really were exquisitely made and gorgeously worn by the cast.

Catching Fire truly was an incredible movie and i eagerly wait the next instalment in the series: Mockingjay part 1. Until next time amigos.
Signing off, Charlie.


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